Sunday, June 3

Two Plugs and an Interview

One (singular sensation)

Over in the land of
Milk & Honey, Sarah has set herself a lofty goal. She is planning to participate the Breast Cancer 3-day this fall. This 60-mile walk to raise awareness about the life threatening disease is also a way to raise funds for research and thus raise hopes of finding a cure for Breast Cancer.

I had the honor, the joy and the pain of doing such a thing when Arizona hosted its first 3-day walk in 2004. It was a tremendous affair and I look forward to someday repeating the adventure. I would do it again. It was that worth it.

Part of the requirement for participation in a 3-day walk is a commitment from each walker to raise a minimum of $1000 for the Susan G. Komen foundation. Give or take a few bucks.
Milk & Honey has set out to raise $5000. You could help her reach that goal. Why not click here right now and make a donation? You'll be glad you did.

Two (toot tootsie)

Mimi Lenox
is working to make the blogosphere a peaceful place this coming Wednesday. Her campaign Blog Blast for Peace is asking bloggers to unite and post on the topic of PEACE for June 6, 2007. All of the details regarding the day can be found at her site. Also at her place are instructions on how you can make your own Peace Globe and display it proudly on Wednesday. Or before if you want to. Come on then, I've show you mine. Now, you show me yours.

Three (is a crowd)

My expatriate status was somehow exposed (could it be the masthead on my main page?) and I was found out this week by an author at this blog who asked if I would join the brigade at the expatriate interviews page. Of course, I said yes. There is just something so sweetly narcissistic about it, the talking about myself over and over again. At any rate, I sent in my answers to her questions and a couple of pictures for added fun. Ultimately, my interview will appear somewhere on this page. If you are dying for a direct link, tell me so and I will follow up when I have it. In reality this paragraph is not just a reporting, but also a plug in and of itself, as they also welcome unsolicited interviews. Therefore, you darling expat readers? You too could wax poetic about yourself and answer a dozen questions about how you live. Why not, I say. Why not?

My apologies to any expat readers new friends of mine, whom I neglected to plug in the above. An oversight, I assure you. Please tell me I missed you and I will make it up to you.


  1. I love expat stories - lived as one myself in Indonesia for a few years - and am glad you linked to that page. More interesting blog places to visit...Just what I need!

    Looking forward to you interview - and, yes, please do post a reminder and a link when your interview goes up. Why not?? After all, us narcissists make the blog world go round....

  2. Jenn, you did me a big favor: I still have to finish my questionnaire for Expatinterviews as well. I started and then got distracted. I guess I have been distracted ever since. you just gave me something to do this Sunday afternoon!

  3. Hi Jenn,
    I read this post this morning and it got me thinking all day- My mom is a breast cancer survivor, and your post made me start mulling over a post dedicated to her (I've been mulling that one over for a while, so thanks for the kick in the rear).
    I also might go ahead and do the expat interview- maybe I could offer some experience since I've been here for ages. How do I do it? (I'm too digitally challenged to figure it out!)
    Happy Sunday in Holland

  4. rebecca-
    Always happy to add more reads to the mix! :)

    Well, you're welcome then. Please let me know when yours goes up so I can come and read all about you!

    The year I did the walk was an overwhelming year for me in knowing women who were just finding their cancer, beating their cancer, or losing the battle to cancer. It was more than a nudge from the universe that I needed to be involved.
    I look forward to reading about your mom.
    Email me (there is a link at the front page) with your email address and I will get you hooked up at the expat interviews page. I agree, you DEFINITELY need to do one!

  5. What a wonderful list of links -- these were so much fun to explore! Thank you!

    By all means, please link to your interview and save us all from obsessively checking to find it.

  6. Great blog! I will be back for more


  7. Oh, how I wish I was in the expat club.

    I think I'll join in on the Peace campaign this Wednesday. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  8. I love the peace globe idea. Thanks for drawing my attention to it.

    As for the expats... does it count if you are a former expat? I'm even a repeat offender. lol

  9. hmmm. for some reason the link to my new blog isn't working on my comment. I wish I weren't such a blogging dummy...

  10. You are all over the place! I'm looking now. I will only be able to be interviewed for about two more months. Then I will repatriate myself. For a while at least.

    I hope to pick a country with more delicious food, if possible, next time. Is that a shallow requirement?