Monday, June 11

My Husband Went To Arizona and All He Brought Me Was...


And this:

And some of this:

Which I will put together to make a little of this:

And a whole bunch of these:

Muchas Gracias, Babe!


  1. Hatch green chiles!!! The best in the entire world... you lucky thing! I went to hatch during chile harvest years ago and almost overdosed! How I envy you- tameles, too!

  2. I have never had that before, but I am SURE I would love them. I'm on my way :)

  3. Well now you're just showin' off. So, when's dinner? Kisses!!

  4. That's a GREAT gift. I remember when I was living in Italy the best care package that was ever sent to me had Dr. Pepper and peanut butter enclosed, neither of which I could find at the time. When I was living in Ireland the best package I got had Dr. Pepper and bagels... Of course, the bagels were stale by the time they got to me, but it's the thought that counted, and the Dr. Pepper helped wash them down.

    Yes, my name is Paige and I am an addict, a Dr. Pepper addict.

  5. You need to post warning signs: Do not read before breakfast! Now I'm starving... and there's nothing nearly so tasty in the works around here.

  6. jennifer-
    I know! I am so excited to have them here. Chiles make everything better!

    I feel a little sad that you don't know TAMALES. You are indeed invited for a taste test!

    The truth is, it would be much easier to have the tamale line up in your much bigger kitchen! But we shall make do. And of course, you are invited to taste too!

    We are all here for you. Let me know if you want to attend a support meeting together.

    Sorry about that. :) I can't wait to get cooking!

    Yummy, yummy,yummy in my tummy, tummy, tummy!

  7. That looks so good! Could you overnight me some for dinner tomorrow? :)

  8. That looks and sounds delicious. Do you also eat/prepare Dutch things, Jenn? And if so, what do you prefer?

  9. leslie-
    come twirl in my kitchen and we'll make tamales!

    How about you come on over here? We have space and there will be lots of tamales!!

    Yes! I do make some Dutch dishes. The favorites around here (and what I am best at) is Ewrte soep, and Hutspot. Nothing better on a rainy Dutch day than a pot of soup with a Hema worst!
    I haven't yet learned to make Appeltaart, but that is on my list.

  10. Now, what time should I be there? lol! I'll bring the guacamole and margaritas!

    That looks scrumptous! Lucky you for having such a sweet hubby!

  11. Oh!!! I can only IMAGINE what a welcome sight it all was! That so great! Well done, Hubby!!! I hope you all enjoyed every last morsel!

  12. So - that it the type of food you miss from home???

    Looks so yumMO!

  13. MMMMM! Those look sooooo yummy.

  14. whoa - you did pretty good there! international travel suits him :)

  15. jboo-
    thanks for the offer, I like mine on the rocks!

    He's a good guy to haul 4 lbs of masa home in his carry on bag!
    And, the salsa went so fast I am worried about making another batch.
    Yikes! The supplies are finite!

    this is EXACTLY the kind of food we miss from home. There is just no decent Mexican food on the continent. Believe me, we have searched!

    thanks! blessings for my tummy, indeed!

    It does indeed. Not that I want him to leave again anytime soon. :)

  16. Oh yum! I bet that was a real treat. The last time I made tamales it took three months for everyone to get over it.

  17. tina-
    Well then, you are also invited!

    couldn't get over it how? Because they were FABULOUS or for some other reason?

  18. You know, living here has made me sooooo complacent - I just know I'll always find good Mexican food (or even not so good Mexican food). Heck, now they even have good Mexican food in my hometown of Indianapolis, long known as a city without much ethnic diversity.

    [[sigh]] I'll just have to conjure up some "taste of home" stuff for you...

  19. I smell a possible business opportunity here ... and it smells like tamales and enchiladas and frijoles and arroz.

  20. Yum! Tamales!! We made them once; many of them. In fact we had so many we froze them. Who knew?

  21. Hutspot and erwtensoep (difficult to pronounce I think?) are absolutely okay. Here is a link to a very special applepie (appeltaart) website. Yammie!

  22. A feast a feast, my you are a lucky girl!