Sunday, June 24

Because I Can

Welcome once again to a page full of Jenn-links.

In my travels 'round the blogosphere I have tripped upon some delightful finds, and exceptionally good ideas. So impressed am I that I feel compelled to share.

Therefore, I will.

This first was a discovery at This Eclectic Life. Shelley has brainstormed and is heading up a project for kids at
Camp Sanguinity in Fort Worth, Texas.

"For nearly 25 years, Camp Sanguinity has allowed children being treated for cancer and blood disorders to have a summer camp experience. The camp allows children receiving treatment at Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth to spend a week gaining confidence and determination by challenging themselves, trying new activities, learning new skills and making new friends."

The project she has designed is monumental, but achievable with some help. Shelley is coordinating efforts to make a granny square afghan for each of the children who will attend the camp next summer; that will likely be around 150 kids! You can read all of the details about the project here.
If you can crochet, or if you know someone who can crochet, won't you please pass this information along? For my part, I have a box full of yarns upstairs in my closet which are just aching to be formed into squares and joined with others to create an afghan of love. Can you imagine being involved in anything more precious?

Now, because we have yet again been the recipients of somebody's kindness, goodness and generosity. I would like to use my blog as a platform for saying something. Really, what I want to do is give a giant shout of thanks to blog reader Katrina. Katrina is an American expat living in Germany who apparently has some access to American products. Responding to this whine of mine, Katrina sent us a little something. This week in the post we received a giant box of goodies, including the largest box of goldfish crackers ever seen by human eyes. And it was not just that my children's eyes swelled to saucer size when they gazed upon it, the thing really is THAT big. I am proud embarrassed to say they are making short work of devouring its contents along with the other items in the shipment. In honesty, I have had more than one conversation this week addressing the topic that "canned frosting is not breakfast food!"

But really, what do I know?

Thank you kindly Katrina!

There are not words enough to say thanks enough for what you've done for us!

So, want to see something cool? Click over to The Green Fingered Photographer and enjoy some of his incredible photography. Mark and I "met" via the Photo Hunt fun on Saturdays. (If you haven't scoped that out yet, click here to get all the details on joining the fun of Photo Hunters.) Mark's blog is full of fabulous macro shots and also some really practical living advice. In addition to all of that, Mark is a really fun guy and he and I have had several giggle worthy email interchanges over postings like this. Peruse. I promise you'll be pleased.

And onward we push through this growing list of links. Kilt-wearing, gun-toting, thought-provoking Gunfighter who writes The View From Here, has opened a new blog which he is hoping will be a great forum for the Dads out there. I suppose those of us who are not dads are invited to come along for the read too, and I intend to do just that. However, I want to plug this site simply for the fact that Gunfighter is a really nice guy along with being a really great Dad. Other dads so hands-on and involved should have a place to talk about it. Visit Real Dads soon and just see what he has to say.

Can you bear with me for one more? You will thank me for this one for sure. If you are not already a regular reader of 'Twas Brillig, then Hie thee yonder to her site and dig in. Brillig is a newbie to the blog world like me, but she is indeed a rising star. Her writing is candid, intelligent and sweet. And her stories are in a word, hilarious. As an example, I give you her Soap Opera Sunday series. Personally, I am chomping at the bit for the next installment of her story about a former boyfriend. You can read the first two parts here and here, and join me today when she posts the third, but not yet final, bit. I dare say, you'll be hooked.

On top of Brillig being a delightful read, she is also a delightful person. Though, like most of my blogging friends I have never met her in person, I can confidently say that she is one of the good guys on this planet. She is a wise, caring person, beautiful inside and out and a very good friend.

Last. Seriously, this is the last one today. Ready for your reading pleasure is my interview at the Expat Interviews site. Here is the link.

Enjoy your Sunday. Cuddle up with your computer and get some reading done.


  1. Hi Jenn,. thank you for the plug, I'm going to go and have a look because he sounds pretty spot on...Lol I better make sure that my photos are up to standard in future. Now stand away from the blog....after i have had a look at the other recommendations

    Cheers Mark

  2. Another interesting list of links! I always enjoy your referrals. I enjoyed your interview, too!

  3. *sniff*

    Well, you certainly know how to make a girl feel good about herself, don't you!!! Thanks for the incredibly kind words. I too consider you to be a very dear friend--strange to feel so close to someone I've never met!

    I'm familiar with some of the other links that you've listed here, but not all. So off I go to meet some new friends...

  4. Oh, and I just read your interview. Good stuff! It answered a lot of the questions I had for you. I was never quite sure about how or why you ended up in Holland. Now I know! And I agree with you 100% on making an effort to learn the language. It makes such a difference.

    Have I mentioned that you're wonderful?

  5. Loved your interview and love the links! Most are new to me, except Gunfighter - we've been going steady a while, although his new blog is new because it's, well, new.

    Alright. I'm out of brain power. Later!

  6. mark-
    Hahaha! You can't keep me away from the blog! It's mine, all mine, I tell ya!
    And, you're welcome.

    Thanks, I am glad the interview reads okay. I think you'll enjoy some of these places. Do you crochet?

    you are way too cool. Thanks for the love.

    Every word straight from my heart baby. Thanks for the comment(s). I appreciate you SO MUCH.

    Thanks so much. Yeah, I kind of plug gunfighter a lot. He's always got it going on.

  7. Oh, how cool! I can't wait to check these out.

  8. sprite-
    Welcome! I hope you enjoy the reads.

  9. Aww shucks, Jenn!

    Thanks for the kind words!

    (pssst, I dig Brillig's blog, too) The others, I'll have to check out!

    Dankie mevrouw!

  10. Congrats on being a rockin girl blogger!

  11. So glad I could bring a smile to your kids' faces (a cheesy orange smile at that)!

  12. So glad I could bring a smile to your kids' faces (a cheesy orange smile at that)!

  13. kat-
    Indeed it is an orangey-cheesey smile! (or it was...)