Tuesday, June 5

Plaid for my Dad

Plaid Kari

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When I was little, my dad wrote me little notes. I wrote him back. This was so I could practice reading and writing. He also gave me a couple sips of beer so that the mystery of what it might taste like would be gone. I had no urge to drink, except for that inopportune moment at age four or so when I popped open a Coors in front of a babysitter because I was thirsty. (My dad has subsequently graduated from Coors to much better brews, whew!)

He built me a customized dollhouse, even making little pieces of food for the refrigerator out of clay. He constructed a baby doll cradle with my name on it. He painted a rainbow on one side of my room.

When my dad moved from one law firm to another, I worried that something bad would happen to him. “What if they hired him to kill him the first day?” I wondered to my mom. Of course, that didn’t happen. Who knows about attorneys, right? But these were kind people for whom my dad worked for awhile.

Still, when he had his appendix taken out, I thought that rather than visiting him in the hospital, we were there to pick out a new daddy. But then when I went to the hospital for my various surgeries, I knew he’d be there when I woke up.

I started stealing his clothes early. He had some thin rubber galoshes that I loved placing over my own shoes. The texture was magnificent. And his leather-soled slipper-socks were so soft that I later got myself a pair of the same brand that actually fit.

During high school, I stole his sweaters on cold mornings. Sure, they were large, but bulky was in style those days! And then I stole a few off to college as well. I have about four or five in my closet right now.

My Dad's ClosetWhen we moved into our current home, my dad re-upholstered an old sofa and piano bench. He sewed pillows to match and constructed a sitting area out of an old crib.

My dad has been very important in getting our house ready to sell, and I cannot thank him enough.

Of course, since we’re trying to stay out of the house to keep it clean, we’ve been hanging out at my parents’ house. It was rather chilly the other day, so I raided his closet. If anyone wonders where I got my affinity for plaid, they now know the answer!

Happy (Early) Father’s Day, Plaid-Dad!

You have done more than I can ever thank you for.


  1. My dad had the most amazing leather jacket that I used to love to steal--I had forgotten all about that! Fun post, getting to know your pop a bit.

  2. I wore my dad's football AND army jacket for years! There's just something about wearing dad's clothes.

    Horay for plaid!

  3. Cute post! I now have flashbacks of stealing my dad's flannels during the 90's grunge days. LOL. Thanks for jogging a fond memory!

  4. I love your post! You father sounds like a terrific guy!

  5. Huh. My dad didn't have anything worth stealing. He wore his clothes until they were practically see-through.

  6. That was lovely! I'm sure it will be one of your father's best all-time gifts.

  7. Hello Karianna - your dad sounds great - and I love those flanelette shirts!

  8. Awww, Jenn. That's a beautiful tribute filled with so many wonderful specific memories. I hope your Dad gets to see it?

  9. A powerful post. Your dad is a great man! I wore his flannel shirts, sweaters, and even his winter coat when I was in high school (lost it on a train in Switzerland). Such great memories are wonderful to keep. Glad he's moved on from Coors, though. (Eek.)

  10. What wonderful memories you have made with your Dad! I also used to steal my Dad's plaid shirts. I can't say that I own any today, but I sure loved to wear them in highschool!

  11. awesome post on flannel and to great dads everywhere!!

  12. Nice post, Keri - your dad sounds like fun.

  13. Jenn -

    I knew you would find your support group! Glad to see that you have!