Monday, June 4

It's All the Rage Over Here; Is It All the Rage Over There?

Long gone are the days of The Hustle. We bid farewell to Running Man; and a toodle-oo to Pop-n-Loc. There is a new dance in town, and ready or not, it is taking over the place. If you haven't seen it yet, just keep your eyes peeled. Proudly brought to your neighborhood straight from Western Europe, this is JumpStyle and it's happening on street corners, at bus stops, in the malls, at the clubs and yes, in living rooms all over the continent.

If you dare attempt mastery of the steps, do like I do and stick your tongue way out while you jump and turn. It's sure to help in the concentration, and if I don't bite it clean off as I twist, kick, and bounce, certainly soon I will be as hip as the next kid and I'll be jumpstylin' with the best of 'em.


  1. Cool.

    Any wonder that all these kids are thin?? That's a lot of burned-up calories! ;-)

  2. I saw someone do this on a tv program last week in the US and asked that Dutchman about it. That is when he sent the link that I have up. I wouldn't even attempt to do that!

  3. Oh but darling - when are you posting the video of YOU doing the Jumpstyle?

  4. I am dying to see these... high bandwidth has been promised to us tomorrow. And then, like SMID, I'll be looking for your video soemtime soon!

  5. Okay, I watched the first video and thought, "That's kinda cool. It looks fun." During the second video, I was inspired to stand up and give it a go.

    Jenn, that dance wasn't made for people like me.

    You've got to show your video. You've got to.

  6. You know, there is really nothing so funny to watch as people doing bizarre dance moves with the sound turned off.

    I didn't realize that I had my computer muted until the video was a quarter of the way through it... then I realized it was better to watch with no sound. lol

    btw, I *think* I got my link problems resolved.

  7. I had never heard of it until a guy auditioned last week on "So You Think You Can Dance" in that style! Looked painful!

  8. kiki-
    My husband just returned from his trip stateside and said he'd seen that same show! He laughed when he saw this is what I posted today.

    SMID, anno, leslie, & alex-
    Funny thing that. I don't even own a video camera. You are just going to have to content yourselves with the movie in your mind... me jumpstyling with style.
    Trust me, it's FABULOUS!

    Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

    I saw your vid too. I thought it was great!

    We used to watch TV with the sound turned off and the radio on full blast and would laugh when the "soundtrack" matched the action on screen.
    Your link works peachily now!

    Thanks all for coming by!

  9. wow - I LIKE it - big jumpy moves like that would definitely help disguise my complete lack of any real groove!

  10. I have an idea for a new charity --

    The Buy Jenn a Video Camera Fund.

    The movie in my mind is not doing JumpStyle justice.

  11. Oh my, it's soooo FUN! It looks almost tribal. I'd love to give it a go. Only, I fear I'd blow a hip or something "little" like that.

  12. Would I be correct in assuming that this dance is rather freestyle?

    ...and I'm with SMID. I want to see YOU doing this!

  13. Well that's something I haven't seen before.

    Looks a bit like Irish clogging gone wild.

    I'd pay to see you doing that.

  14. Found you through Blog Exchange. Interesting, I've never seen this before. Looks like fun. Must go Google...

  15. Warning, pre menopausal women of this world, no not, I repeat, do NOT even go there. You will not be able to keep it dry...:o)

  16. marloes-
    I just have to say that you should give warning before making a comment like that. I hardly kept it dry just reading about not being able to keep it dry! Hahahaha!

    Welcome! I am glad you stopped by. Yes, go google and then get jumping!

    That's kind of what I think. Clogging without the clogs. It's a wild looking thing for sure.

    Yes, quite freestyle.
    And, fat chance.

    I say give it a go! Who's gonna see you in your living room?

    Get in the groove babe! I think lack of coordination is what sells this as a "dance". It's kind of free for all jumping and kicking!

    HA! I snorted so loud when I read this, the whole family came running to see what was so hilarious!
    You rock!

  17. Yes, I revisited this post one year later because Amstel is using the song in the second video in a ad that runs during Red Sox games. So, of course, I had to show the boys the video...

    What is the name of the song? Do you know?

    And when are we seeing you do this dance?

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