Friday, June 15

15 Minutes

It's Friday.
At this blog that means it's time for a Friday Fifteen of a sort. A list of 15 somethings, which will enlighten, teach or entertain; take your pick.

I had intentions for this list to be done early in the week so that I would only have to wake and publish this morning. But life, nature and the betrayal of my own body got in the way of my well organized plans. Instead of spending time at the computer writing and readying posts for the coming days, I have been relegated to my bed. In the first place put there by a migraine attack that I can only define as a BAD ONE, and in the second place stuck there in trying to sleep off the side effects of a migraine medication, also to be defined as a BAD ONE. I shan't bore you with the details but trust me when I tell you, I won't be trying this drug again anytime soon. NOT A GOOD TIME.

I woke this morning thinking about this Friday Fifteen and my first thought was "My, how I would like to have 15 minutes without a headache" That was shortly followed up by "My, how I would love to have 15 minutes ALONE" as I was shadowed from toilet to shower by a certain pre-schooler, whom I should add had also been in my bed all night. (It rained last night you know.)

Now I am curious as to whether I can keep up this current rate of whining for 15 minutes. Would you like to see me try?

No? All right then. Putting a sock in it now.

And where do we go from here then? Well, to the Friday Fifteen of course. I figure since I am currently obsessed with getting 15 minutes of something done, I will share this list with you.


1. Pee, flush, wash and dry my hands.

2. Brush my teeth. (I know it's not long enough, but in a pinch it can be done!)

3. Fall asleep.

4. Change a diaper.

5. Apply my make-up. (Sometimes, I don't wear much)

6. Tie up the trash bag and take it to the back.

7. Lose focus.

...what were we talking about?

8. Suck down a 12 oz. Diet Coke.

9. Swallow my daily meds/vitamins.

10. Shower. (If I can skip a hair wash).

11. Determine if a book is a worthy read.

12. Trim my toenails.

13. Decide that it's a "pancakes for dinner" night. Again.

14. Doodle an entire rose vine onto the edge of a paper.

15. Add an HTML text link for the Friday Fifteen.

All in less than a minute, guaranteed.


  1. Hee. We'll call you Lightning Jenn!

  2. Hey... think you're commenting on mine as I'm commenting on yours... just saw your mail pop up
    Cereal for dinner works too, in less than a minute!

  3. That's sweet, huh Jenn? We are thinking of each other at the same time!
    Your comment reminds me of a time when we were newly married and I told my husband he was in charge of dinner for the next night. He happily agreed and when I got home from work he proudly displayed my dinner choices: Lucky Charms or Frosted Flakes. It was so funny, I fell over in giggles. It can still make me grin to this day.... some 15 years later.
    Anyway, I think dinner just got planned for tonight!

  4. I liked your list! For dinner, calling for pizza,... about 1 minute! ::hugs::

  5. As a fellow migraine sufferer, all I can say is ouch!

    Um, I'd like to hear the 15 minute version too... :)

  6. You can fall asleep in a minute? Wow I only wish that I could. I'm only able to do that when I'm on the computer and fall asleep. My kids love when we have pancakes for dinner. Maybe that's what we should have tonight.

    Yes, I'm the father for a preschooler. I have six children ranging in age from 8 to 11 months. I know my preschool cartoons *lol*.

  7. can do ALL 15 things in less than a minute or you can do EACH thing in less than a minute?! It makes a big difference, ya know? LOL! Just kidding - that's a great list. I am laughing at your husband's display of dinner choices for you. That is hilarious. I'd pick Lucky Charms, personally. :)

  8. Oooooo sorry about the migraine. I've only had one so far. Awful.

    But darling, I'm jealous. You can fall asleep in less than a minute? Oh, how I wish I could fall asleep in less than 1/2 an hour!!

    Pssst - you're the only site I'm visiting today. Don't tell anyone!!

  9. Yes, Lightning Jenn!

    I could take a speedy lesson from you..

  10. I've never had a migraine but I've lived more than a few years with someone who has. I hope you get to feeling better soon. And while I can fall asleep and change a diaper (usually not in that order) about as fast as you, there is no way I can shower that fast, even if I skip washing anything - I have to have at least two minutes of standing under the water while my brain winds down.

  11. Sorry you're under this rainy weather darlin'. I'd share your pain if I wasn't on day 3 of my fibromyalgia headache (not as sever as some migraines, but accompanied by myriad other pains that make up for it). Reading blogs is a good distraction and I thank you heartily for the various link recommendations. Think I could match most of your 15 and raise you a couple more (load the dishwasher and wipe down the counters, pick up all the pens, pencils, school papers that have AGAIN managed to cover the dining room table, change the toilet roll and scrub the toilet, ...wait a minute, If I can do each these things in one minute, why can't someone else? "GIIRRLLSS!" Gotta go! Hugs!!

  12. kiki-
    pizza ordering is always a favorite choice around here! And yes, I can pull that off in less than a minute.

    I appreciate that empathy. And, uh...yeah, I've been quite whiney all day long. Think I exceeded my 15 minute promise there!

    drew & SMID-
    Yes, I can get to sleep in less than a minute, but only if I have been a good girl and have taken all my meds/vitamins/supplements. It's a brain chemistry thing...
    It hasn't always been so easy for me to enter lala land.

    You know, it's likely that I can do a combination of those things in a single minute... I may just have to try. :)

    Love having you here! Can't wait till you're back from vacation!

    Yup. Just call me flash girl!

    Oh, I get that needing to stand in the water to wind down thing. But if I HAVE TO, I can get in and out of there fast!
    Thanks for the well wishes. I appreciate that.

    My thoughts are with you and your discomfort as well. I hope you are feeling better soon. And truly, I think the list of things I can do that fast is longer even than I know. Which does beg the question that if I can do it so fast, why can't anyone else in this house? (Still waiting for the TV stand to be dusted... that chore got assigned AGES ago)

  13. #7, LOL. How true.

  14. This migraine things must be going around -- I've been fighting one for days now. Hope you are over yours soon... a migraine is something that you never want to last more than a minute.

    Great list, and I love the story about the Lucky Charms & Frosted Flakes...

  15. It's amazing what we can get done when we're suffering and/or in pain, huh?

    As for peeing fast, I can do it too if I'm in a not particularly clean rest stop!

  16. Hahahaha. So funny. "What were we talking about?" LOVE this list. What speedy talents you have!

  17. I can also do #1, but people around me are always suspect. They worry that I left something out, particularly the hand washing.

  18. Amen to that list. I can also clear the washingmachine, load the dryer and reload the washingmachine in under one miute. Providing I did my sorting before...:o)

  19. What a great FF! As a mom, you've got to be that lightning fast! :D

  20. Diet Coke in less than a minute, I think I can do that. Especially on a hot and humid day, which is just about every day in the summer in China.

    I'd kill for pancakes for dinner!