Monday, June 25

For Those About To Rock

If I talk about the rush you get when you are handed an unexpected gift will you understand what I am trying to say? You know:

  • The warm sensation you get in your head while reading those just right words on a Hallmark that someone in your life chose for you?

  • The giggle that rises up in your chest when a child hands you a flower plucked from the garden because he wanted to give you something?

  • The inner joy that settles into your heart when arms are thrown around you and a big hug with a best friend happens?
This rush.

The rush of opening the front page of one of your favorite bloggers, to find out she's given you something.

A little something, sure.

But big too.

Paige thinks I rock.

It's the Rockin' Girl Blogger award that is winging through the blog world. I was so excited to see my name on her nominee list, but even more astounded by the words she wrote behind it. Meaningful on many levels, but most of all because I think she rocks!

And anyway, I get this cool button.

And I get to pass it on.

Pass the envelope please.

My nominations (listed in no particular order) for the Rockin' Girl Blogger award are:

1. Teri.
Initially, when I typed in the #1 character, I left my finger on the shift key and got '!' instead. I should have left it as it is totally indicative of Teri's blog and personality. She is a firecracker if ever there was one, and she is darn proud of it. On the front page of her blog she proudly displays the warning signs for the content within. She's proud of that too. I am proud to call her my friend.

2. Leslie
I found her blog originally on a Wordless Wednesday and immediately fell in love with her darling daughter. Then, as I lingered there I knew this was a place I would be returning often. In fact, I bookmarked her place immediately upon reading this post which sent me into fits of laughter. I get that giggle every time I visit now, which as it turns out is every day. Leslie is one of those really real people. I am so impressed with her candor and wit but most of all by her genuineness.

3. Allison.
If you've read me for long, you know my feelings for this blogger run deep. She has been my teacher and guide as I have gotten my feet wet in the blogging world. In addition she has been a loyal friend via the email route too. She is wicked smart and a lovely human being who chases the big causes with a passion. She is most passionate about her marriage and her children. I admire her deeply and look forward to the day our paths will cross in the offline world.

4. Kiki.
I met Kiki through the Friday Fifteen and we have a weekly date at one another's blogs. I love to read her thoughts and insights about her life as an army wife (currently) and her personal experiences in the army (recent past). This is another "girl" who is refreshingly honest and openly candid, who fills me with inspiration every time I read.

5. Shelby.
This was one of the first blogs I tripped across after my foray into the universe, I don't even remember how I found her. But I do remember that she already had me linked on her sidebar and that totally blew me away. I thought it was just so nice. Of course, I lingered there enjoying her words, her photographs and her insights immensely. I admire her deeply and I am happy as can be to spend time with her.

Now, Rockin' Girls, it's time for you to pass the torch. Pick five and pass the award along.

And, by the way, I salute you!


  1. Awwww shucks babe. You are really too sweet. And thanks for highlighting the concert. It will be one of my top five posts of all times.

    And yes, I'm/we're back. Exhausted from the drive (nearly 500 miles yesterday) but back.

  2. hehe... the title of your post just reminded me of a shirt I have to MJ: For Those About to Walk... with a picture of a stroller on it.

    ok, a little off topic.. but that's what I get for posting free associations.

    BTW, did Andrew like the MJ videos?

  3. That's so sweeet! You're a cutie pie. Fun fun fun!

  4. There is no doubt you deserve this award! I am so happy to have found your blog. But, oh, Jenn! Thank you for passing the award on to me. You are too kind!

  5. You do rock- please help this middle aged old fogie remember who sings that song...

  6. cg-
    Love the free associations.
    Love the videos.

    You are a rockin' wild woman.

    You are too cool, and you are totally welcome.

    post updated to answer your burning question.
    AC/DC my friend.

  7. Rock on!!!!! :)


    You are the one who rocks tho - you're the one.. you so rock!

  8. I agree with you on the excitement...I was given the same honor too this weekend. It is really a boost for someone to take the time out and remember you.

    Love blogging with you.

  9. I haven't even posted for the day and already I am verklempt! I thank you for the nomination! It makes my day, especially when the highlighted post was one that most people would slide by! Thanks!

  10. shelby-
    No, baby, you rock!

    Yahoo for you too! It's nice to be thought of, eh?

    You're so cool. And you're welcome.

  11. You should go read my blog today!!

  12. Well-deserved award! Congratulations! And another great list of links..

  13. Whoo hoo! Cute button too. And thanks for reminding me of one of my all time favorite "rock out" songs. FIRE!

  14. You sure do rock Jenn. I knew from the first time I entered this blog and I found out for real on out much too short visit. The way you pass on this award is another reminder of how well you read between the lines.
    PS I only can't seem to open Kiki's page. Wrong link?

  15. marloes-
    Thanks for saying so (for everything you said) I have fixed the link to Kiki now. It was wrong! Sorry Kiki!

  16. Hey, while searching for widgets for my blog, I stumbled upon and wow! I found what I wanted. A cool news widget. My blog is now showing latest news with title, description and images. Took just few minutes to add. Awesome!

  17. Congrats to you, Jenn! Well deserved.

    New blogs to check out - WHEEEEEE!

  18. Hey! I know tmost of those rockin' girl bloggers. I call most of them "friend" too.

    I think you are well deserving, Jenn!

    Mazel Tov!

  19. Hey! I knew you were a rocker at heart! Congratulations!

    Nice Angus clip, BTW.

  20. I was never an AC/DC fan, and quite frankly, I wouldn't have known that phrase you quoted except for Jack Black saying it in "School of Rock!"


  21. ct-
    I love Jack Black. It's not just a minor crush either. I LOVE HIM!

    Thanks! I appreciate that.

    Yup. I must admit, it's true.

    These are some great women and some great friends. I am only sorry I couldn't keep nominating, and nominating, and nominating...

    Thanks! I saw yours too, so congrat for you as well! Rockin' Girl!

    Thanks and ROCK ON!

    I appreciate your support, in this as in all things.