Thursday, September 25

First Leaf

In response to Goofball's recent diatribe against the end of summer I have been thinking a lot lately about why it is I do like autumn so much. In reality I can totally get behind the idea of mourning summer's end as it means we are one short season away from winter. If you've been reading this blog for long you may have gathered that winter and I? We are not friends.
But Autumn and I have been frolicking together for as long as I can remember. Autumn gave me colorful leaves to collect from the maple, oak and aspen in our Salt Lake City neighborhood and Autumn also gave me colorful fingertips stained with raspberry juice from the fresh picking of the backyard bushes. Autumn meant corn field mazes, Halloween parades, jam making, fresh food canning, and leaf pile jumping.

Yup. Autumn + me = BFF

Nowadays, the onset of fall means the onset of several things. It just so happens that these are the things that make me smile.

Autumn means darker mornings which inevitably and thankfully leads to longer sleeping hours for Andrew. So, instead of the pitter-pat of feet and the shake-shake-shake of his hand on my shoulder at 6:00 a.m. I am happily sleeping until 7:00 and then waking him up.

Autumn means cold, crisp morning weather. Just right for bundling up for the cycle to school.

Autumn means boots. I love my boots. (I think it might be a fetish.)

Autumn means sweaters too, and wraps. Oh, and scarves with hats!

Autumn means a subdued and lovely light for photographs. The echoes and shadows of the softer sun are tremendous to explore behind the lens.

Autumn means falling leaves. I adore the colors and the way they crunch under both feet and bicycle tires.

Autumn means leaving the backdoors open for very long in the afternoons will ultimately make the end of my nose and the tips of my fingers tingle with the cold.

Autumn means soup is back on the menu.

Autumn means evening's shadows enter early which makes our house feel cozy and welcoming, especially when the candles get lit.

Autumn means cuddling under fleece blankets. Provided I can get the kids to share.

Autumn means early bedtime, and reading by lamplight snuggled in the thick duvet.

Autumn means dark, cold nights. Which means middle of the night cuddling. Yes, there is a theme here: I like cuddling.

Autumn means slippers on my toes in the morning and steam rising off the coffee in my cup, warming me from the soles to my soul.

Yeah, Autumn is here. It's nice to see her again.


  1. What is this "autumn" of which you speak?

  2. I like the transition seasons, too: spring and fall. Fall for all the reasons you listed (except maybe the boot fetish - for me, it's sandals in spring) I loves me some autumn, too.

    After Ike blew through, the trees around here were looking kinda fall-ish before it was time, with a lot of leaves stripped off by the wind. But I noticed this morning that there are now a lot of leaves down in my yard that weren't there after Ike, so maybe autumn has come to the Texas Gulf coast, too.

  3. Yes! Me too. Love it, love it, love it.

  4. I didn't particularly love the fall before moving here but now I do!

    I could live without all those spiders though.

  5. I liked the fall last weekend :p....when it feels like summer. hihi