Saturday, September 13

My Obvious Superpower


I've showed you mine, now let's see yours.

1. Isabella
2. Goofball
3. soccer mom in denial
4. Flower Child

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  1. Damn, a touch of dutch took my comment! Hope you are feeling much better!

  2. I LOVE THE NEW LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I mean holy WOW!!!!!!!!!!

    And I'm singular today too.

  3. As it is for every mother.

    BTW, great header photo!!!! LOVE it!

  4. Ugh... mine, too. I'm having a sick day as a result.

  5. Wow total makeover! :) It looks great! No Singular from me, cause I was away for the weekend. Unfortunately niot for fun, but you'll see me next week.

  6. Sorry, but the blue on red in the comments doesn't show up well. It's an eyestrainer for me.

    Love the new picture, tho'.

  7. Actually, Jamies, I don't know how exactly I did that when I was fiddling with the layout. But I will fix it. For you, anything.

  8. I was just thinking, Jenn hasn't been to my place in so long...(eleven weeks and three days, but who's counting?) and I realized that I haven't been here in a while, too. So, I've got catching up to do with you. I've missed you.