Thursday, September 11

The Things You Do For Love

Ah, here comes the sun
Just at the break of autumn
Indian summer

My whole soul reacts
embracing the sun's warm rays
smiling deep inside

The question remains
How a desert sun lover
now lives in the rain

But can't worry now
There is playing to be done
This day while sun shines

Haiku Friday


  1. Oh, such a sweet and fun and cute haiku! I love the picture.

  2. beautiful. great lines on your thoughts on the choice made. and that's quite a striking header image your blog has. :)

  3. Beautiful series of haikus and matching pics!

  4. nice you were able to take advantage of the improved weather!

  5. YAY for sunshine.

    Looks like he had fun taking advantage of it.

  6. What a great picture to go with that haiku! Enjoy the sun while you have it! I'm soaking it in here too because I know that fall and winter are going to creep their ugly heads in around here way too soon.
    Not sure why I live in New England. I hate snow.

  7. glad you enjoyed the sun yesterday while we still had it! Lovely haiku

    and lovely new header picture on your blog. It's huge and takes my full screen but I absolutely love it!

    I hope you are starting to feel better now. Has the coughing been reduced?

  8. A feast for the eyes and ears. Lovely, Jenn.

  9. I don't know how you do it either....I am soon to go mad if I don't get some sunshine again :)

  10. Beautiful haiku so sweet and that picture awesome.
    My 'ku:

    Would you also be willing to email me?

  11. Ah, Jenn, I think you've accurately depicted how my best friend, late of California and now hailing from New Zealand, feels. I shall send her this because, yeah, you're right.

  12. Gosh, you're good at this haiku thing.
    Love the new look too.

  13. I love your haiku and the picture. I hope this means you're all feeling better!

    Your blog looks awesome. I love the header!

  14. Love the new look of the blog - it reflects your sunny mood beautifully!!!!

  15. Oh, it's so full of great imagery! I can feel the sun baking on my arms, even though I'm sitting here looking outside at the wind thrashing the trees around and threatening to take away my internets.... :)

  16. What a sweet haiku!
    Hooray for perfect weather!