Saturday, October 11

Blowing Through the Cobwebs


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Tell me if you recognize anyone...

1. Goofball

2. Flower Child

3. Anneke

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  1. eum no, I don't recognise anyone. Should I?

  2. Just me, silly. Can you pick me out of the pic?

  3. Uhm... You´re the girl (second from the right) am I right?

    (and yes I cheated a bit on my Singular Saturday, but I think it counts...)

  4. ok 50% chance then....Looking at hair color and the age of the picture and the age of the people, you must be the second from the right.

    but that's deduction, not recognition

  5. Wow... is that your hubby? He looks JUST like Ian... or, um, probably vice versa? Or is that your brother who looks just like Ian?

  6. jen-
    That is my BROTHER who looks just like Ian! (or is it that IAN looks just like him?)

    Your guess is correct! That's me. :)


  7. I love looking at old photos! I really should get mine out and scan them into the computer!

  8. I love them too. This is of course, a portion of my family on the day my oldest brother was embarking to parts unknown for a 2 year stint of missionary service. (go ahead, peg the religion if you can!)
    He was the first to leave the nest and his was the hardest departure to adjust to. I think those tears you see my youngest brother shedding lasted for months and months and all of us joined at intermittent intervals.
    Now of course looking at this photo brings a lump to my throat as I know that someday in the not too distant future I will be the mama in the shot sending my oldest boy off to parts unknown. (Though not for the same religious reasons as my mom did for her sons!)
    Such is the circle of life, right?
    But, yeah... I love old photographs.

  9. Oh, what a story behind that photo! Thanks for posting it.

  10. What a flash-back. Instantly transported back to SLC 3 decades ago. I even remember that sweater and dress.