Wednesday, October 15

Reaction In Action

-Passing 'last hope'
-On the road to 'what next?'
eVeryone here is watching, waiting,
-Expecting. But I would guess mostly hoping.
-Reaching out should be more natural for
-Those of us on the upside of the line. Because it is me and
-You they are watching, waiting, hoping for.

Reach out won't you?
Find an organization here.


  1. Very powerful, Jenn. Yes, those of us on the upside need to pull up those below.

  2. Great words. One of the things that drove me nuts last night is how McCain was painting $250,000US annual income as "middle class" and therefore (according to McCain logic) Obama is asking a small business owner too much for him to pay more in taxes. He kept calling it class warfare.

    He's kidding right? Has he ever sat down with a woman with 2 kids living on $9,000US a year? She would think $250K was the lottery.

  3. cool. :) i think it's great that you also participated in the blog action day. :)

  4. What the heck? I do not see CATHOUSE TERI as one of the impoverished agencies to donate to! :)