Friday, October 10

Time Passages

Haiku Friday

I sit here typing
somehow conned by my daughter
"please mama" she says

I still remember
asking the same of my mom
when papers were due

Though working on word
is wholly more forgiving
than a typewriter

My fingers fly quick
when I'm done her work begins
in illustration.

She tells me "Oh wow"
And "Thanks, you really type fast"
"Man, I love you mom!"

Her profuse thank yous
Make me pause and wonder now
If I said the same

Way back in the day
when mom rat-a-tat-tatted
those old sticky keys.


  1. Aw, neat memories to get to relive as the mama. Computers are *so* much more forgiving, and you don't need that correction tape that was used before it was built into the electric typewriters, either. :)

  2. Oh, yeah, this reminds me. I keep meaning to ask but forgetting. Do your kids go to Dutch schools? I was curious if they've learned to speak Dutch and if so if they had to to attend school there.

  3. ohhh, my mom did that for me on a manual typewriter (yeah, i'm OLD!!!), and now i do it for my 14-year-old daughter.

    somehow moms type faster. how can that be?

  4. maggie-
    NO kidding! I remember that correction tape! Not surprisingly I never did like to type before there were keyboards and *backspace*! hehe.

    All three children attend The International School of The Hague. Instruction is in English, but all have intensive Dutch language course as well. And, yup all three speak Dutch. (far better than thier mama!)

    Yup. Manual typewriter at my house too. Times have changed, eh?

  5. Oh, I remember pleading to my dad. (on one of the old fashioned typewriters) I was only 9 or 10 years old I think. :D Ah, good times.

  6. H, Jen I can tell, you really enjoy your role being a mother.

  7. my parents never helped me with homework. I never asked them either.

  8. This is so. sweet.

    And yes, those generational repeats.

    I love it.

  9. I remember begging my mom to do the same, but now I can type twice as fast as her and she asks me to type stuff for her!

  10. That took me back a little bit. I learned to use a typewriter in high school, and now they don't even have them anymore!

  11. omg i so remember the type writer days!!! yeah...i'd get to the last line of the page and goof it up and have to START OVER!

    greak 'ku, thanks for visiting my blog!

  12. Yes, I hear in my own son's undying gratitude the same awe and thankful words I expressed to my own mother. In typing and in many other things.

  13. Your haiku really made me think. I get so frustrated with my kids, and wish they showed some gratitude, but did I do the same?

  14. Yours has much depth. I throughly enjoyed it. And thanks for the previous comment. :)

  15. This is wonderful. My mom had one of those OLD black clackity-clak sounding typewriters. I never asked her to type anything for me! My parents were big believers in us doing the best we could with what we had. They got me a manual typewriter and I did my own typing. I didn't get an electric (not even electronic!) typewriter until I was out of school and in my master's program. When I got married I treated myself to an electronic typewriter (it could do a bit of self correcting) and I actually did my dissertation PRE-personal PC....I was smart though...I HIRED someone to type that puppy!

    THis really brought back neat memories!

  16. a brilliant cascade of lines. :) brought back memories of back when i was young as well.

  17. cool... you're doing blog action day on the 15th. :D