Friday, October 31

Frigid--or--My Life in Winter

If that witch's tit
inside the icy brass bra
means cold, I'm colder.

The outside temps dropped
plummeting down to zero
The air feels frozen.

Car tops and windows
bridges, canals, streets, bike spokes
Ev'rything frosted.

So, madly I search
through cupboards and storage spots-

Haiku Friday


  1. I love the first part of your Haiku. My dad always says that about the witches tit....haha. There is another one too "Colder than a warlocks balls in a brass jockstrap" Thought you might enjoy that one!

  2. Burrrrr. Hubby and I were hunting gloves and hats the other morning for our 2 mile walk and the temp was only 38oF cool. I don't think we would have gone below 0o.

    Love the haiku especially the metaphor.

  3. are NOT telling me it got that cold in the Netherlands already!!! We arrive at Spec's house in less than 3 weeks and I was looking for RAIN, not ice!!!

    Luv the 'ku and hope you warm up too!

  4. It hasn't frosted here yet but it is damn cold.

    Oh, said "tit"...bwahah!

  5. It's cold, I second that! For the first time since summer I wear my gloves on my bike.

  6. That makes me cold just reading it--great Haiku! It's unseasonably warm here in CO.

  7. We have had snow already here in NH, USA! Yuck.

    *he he* You said "tit" dad uses that expression and it always makes me giggle like a teenager.

  8. I hate, Hate, HATE the cold! That's one of the reasons I live someplace where snow is a very rare occurrence.

    I hope you can get warm and then stay warm until spring!

  9. Brr, brr, and brr. Cold weather isn't my favorite, but I do love thermals. Cute haiku.

  10. And we, once again, had a warm-ish Halloween. My kids have yet to experience the pains of wearing winter coats over carefully planned costumes.

    So sorry to hear it has gotten that cold. Yuck.

  11. Wow! We aren't that cold yet, thank heavens!