Tuesday, October 14

Disgust This

A conversation in three voices circa 2008,
somewhere in Holland

A motherly tone " So then, I guess you are all done with the big "I am going to clean my room today" project?

A daughterly tone "Uh, yeah, well kind of."

Mother tone "Oh, what happened to the whole "I'll see you later I am off to clean my room!"

Daughter tone "Well, I worked for like an hour up there!"

Mother "So is it clean?"

Daughter " Not exactly."

Fatherly tone joins "What does that mean 'not exactly'"?

Daughter "I really worked up there for like an HOUR!"

Mother "So, it's really not clean, right?"

Indignant Daughter tones "Whatever. My room has character!"

Insightful Father tones " Yes, I've seen that character and I believe his name is TEMPLETON"


  1. is templeton better than barney in the house?

  2. Frankly, Templeton, as she lives up on the second floor is far more preferable to Barney! I don't ever have to see her room so the state of it is not an issue for me. Now, if she were to start bringing that kind of mess into my space? That would be a whole 'nother story!

  3. What a HOOT!!!!!! I had the same conversation with my mother and my retort was that my room was a reflection of my personality. What would the Fatherly retort have been to THAT?

    I'm with the daughter on this one. But then you know how messy my house is.

  4. If I never had to enter her room -- and she didn't leave dirty dishes and clothes in it -- I'd let it be. But I always have to enter the kids' rooms. One out of three keeps a clean room. Yeah, one out of three is a neurotic mess like his mother.

  5. Ha ha! I'm going to tell everyone the next time I host playgroup that my house has character!

  6. Been there, done that, am LAUGHING.

    Oh, so true.

  7. Your husbands quick! LOL I think my teens room has that same character. Scary in there!

  8. Absolutely hysterical. I am embarrassed to say that I still have this style conversation with my 24 yr old son who is planning on moving out in about a month. I feel really badly for his Three's Company roommates...OY, charcter, my buttocks!

    One good thing. I get my third bedroom back to do AS I PLEASE NOW!

  9. HAHAHAHAHA. How do you all manage to take a subject as mundane as trying to get your teenager to clean her room and turn it into something so hilarious?!