Tuesday, October 7

The Report

I've been without reliable internet service for a couple of weeks. (A handy cable plug in provided by my handy husband has resolved that issue now) Instead of surfing, reading and writing in the blogdom of my life I have been *ahem* accomplishing other things.

For instance the ironing basket now stands empty and the closets are full of freshly pressed clothing. (I am kind of thinking no one should wear any item of said pressed clothing, since it all looks so nice in the closet. Also, I am thinking of imposing a moratorium on further clothes getting dirty and thus needing washing and ironing...)

Also, in my web-less time away, I have been reading.
Mmmmm.... reading, reading, reading.
3 novels to be exact. 2 which I thought were good, 1 which I felt was phenomenal.
And? I have devoured cover to cover, 3 hand-me-over New Yorker magazines sent in a care package by a wonderful friend in the states.

The recovery from bronchitis (two-rounds of antibiotics later) seems to be nearly complete. Of course, as it seems wont to do in this house, my return to health is echoed by Andrew's descent into CAMP ILLNESS (where, let's be honest, he is a frequent visitor) and just yesterday afternoon as we waited in the doctor's office I discovered his body was covered in itchy-burny-angry-red-rash. In addition to that apparent viral infection he's fighting there is also the set of infected ears, a ruby red throat, and a chest infection! (Is there a prize for most infections when you see the doc?)

So, we are home together this week. (While I find it a point of pride to press forward and work through my own sick days, when my baby is sick, it's a different story.) And the good news? It looks like we may be joined soon by sick Emma and sick Ian.

Because sharing is what this family is all about.


  1. enjoy some evenings all cosy on the sofa together under a blanket with some hot tea.

    I hope your family starts feeling better soon.
    And my selfish part is very happy to hear that your internet connection is no longer intermittent :p. Yihaa. Shall I see you online soon again?

  2. You know Jenn, this morning I was listening to a call-in show because we have a teacher's strike nearby and they were discussing it. What's on the table? The teachers DARE to want less than 39 kids in their classrooms and they actually want healthcare. Go figure. Oh, those greedy teachers.

    Anyway, I was thinking about the healthcare thing. Of all the professions after those in hospitals and other places where germy people are cared for, folks in schools and day care centers need it THE MOST. Along with generous, no, copious, amounts of sick days. Especially if they have kids. I think educators should get five extra sick days per year for every child over 12 and 10 for every child under 12.

    So there!

    Feel better. I hope Andrew feels better. I hope Emma and Ian surprise you and rally. C was sniffling and sniffling and sniffling this morning.

    Yuck, yuck, yuck.

  3. Ah, yes, the family share plan. Me, I've been told to not use one arm for two weeks. So very little blogging on. Just reading.

  4. We're all fighting colds, too, but nothing as severe as what you're going through! You're so right about blogging--my housework has suffered immensely from me blogging.

  5. Sharing is good! Both my sisters have been sleeping on the couches for the last couple of days, both pretty ill. So I´m familiar with the family sharing plan. ;)

    Everyone get well soon!

  6. Couldn't agree more that we actually start paying attention to life outside of the computer when we can't get on our Blogs.

    I do hope you rid your house of this plague sooner rather than later. Glad those New Yorkers got to you to help you deal with the non-internet vaccum.

  7. Two at our house are home today - one big and one little. Both were very cranky last night and went to bed early ... together. I do NOT want to get sick! Actually, I don't want anyone I care about to be sick, either, so everybody has to get well RIGHT NOW!

  8. You IRON?


    Wow! I just turn the dryer back on for a bit if I didn't get to the clothes before they wrinkled :P

    It's amazing what you can accomplish when you step away (or get shoved away) from the keyboard, huh?

  9. Okay - so i really do hope everyone feels better soon - but i have to ask . . .

    What novels were you reading?????
    Have you and Emma discovered the Twilight Series yet - I have mixed feelings about each book in the series - but my DD is hooked!!!

  10. res-
    Good (but quirky): Geek Love by Katherine Dunn
    Also good (but maudlin: The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards
    PHENOMENAL: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer

    I haven't read the Twilight Series yet (I am suspicious of the hype) but Emma has devoured them. She is less thrilled the second read through, I have to say.

    I know! What's wrong with me?

    Yes ma'am. Have heard the order and will fall in line immediately!

    I love the New Yorkers and the new tunes! Thanks so much for sending them. You are so very good to me.

    Sharing is caring! :)

    But your online relationships have blossomed, so really, it's all worth it!!

    Wha? When? So sorry to hear about your arm, but glad that somehow your fingers still work to send word!!

    Amen! I don't ever remember a year that I got sick in the FIRST week of school so it doesn't bode very well for the remainder of the year. More sick days would be very handy.

    Indeed. A little tea and a lot of snuggling goes a long way!

  11. Eh. I hope by now some people are feeling better or haven't gotten ill at all.