Friday, January 30

Chasing Cheerful

Attempting to find
the ideal five syllables
to end a haiku

Wondering whether
Making the point with one word
counts as poetry

Here's what I'm thinking
I truly do like people
but they disappoint

Selfishness seeps in
overrides altruism
Some take without give

As a big giver
I must admit exhaustion
regarding assholes takers

Sincerely I wish
a world full of giving hearts
as the way of life

You'll join me, won't you?
A loving utopia--
Idealistic dream

Goodbye to grumpy!
Farewell to selfish! No more

Haiku Friday


  1. The one word ending rocks. :)

    I love reading your haiku

  2. Awesome 'ku all around, and I'm loving the ending word. Perfect!

  3. She shoots - SHE SCORES!!! And the crowd goes wild!!!

    Damn - you set the bar high ... and me with so little time to compete!

    Seriously, I love this one! I promise to join you in curtailing curmudgeonliness. As long as I'm not lumped in with the "takers".

  4. Jami-
    Never, never, never could YOU be lumped with the takers. You are a giver through and through. Who is it do you s'pose I want to grow up and be just like??
    But I thank you for your accolades, and humbly accept your praise...

  5. cg-
    Thanks. It's nice to have you around!

    Nice of you to say. :)

  6. i feel that way, too, a lot--great haiku!

  7. You sure are a giver!

    You've now given me the opportunity to search the internet for an explanation of that incredible word :D

    and I'll join starting to go to bed at time so I am not grumpy from fatigue anymore ;)

  8. Sounds good to me - great haiku string.

  9. Now that's an ending! And that's a movement I can so get behind.

  10. Curmudgeonliness...that's awesome. Great word!

  11. Woah, baby! A five syllable word? That's like getting a haiku scrabble or something. Yeah!

    I have to admit, that lately in life, I feel like a taker. Not on purpose. Not just taking out of selfishness, but because of this feeling of fatigue and emptiness. I'm much more comfortable being on the giving end. I'm struggling with the idea of accepting help. But lately, God, I've needed it. But I don't feel good about it. It makes me feel weak.