Monday, January 19

Phoenix Rising

...or Celebrating Good Times
American Football is not my sport. Not really. I find it far too full of itself, its special teams and its rules. (So many rules!) But to be honest, unless you are belting out a tune at maximum decibles whilst simultaneously kick-turn-turn-kick spinning on stage, you are not really my kind of athlete at all.

Nope, not a sport fanatic. Not at all.

Sunday evening, Don and I found ourselves in company of some of his colleagues with the playoff game (conference championship) of the NFC as the impetus for the gathering. That's right. I attended a football viewing party.

But, you are not a fan of football, you say.
That is correct, I reply.
So, why this one? You ask.

I shall tell you.

Phoenix was playing.

Yup, Phoenix, my hometown. Or rather, my town of 8 years before we moved to The Netherlands. The fact that the team had risen through the ranks this season, winning game after game had certainly eluded me, but The Cardinals arrival at this championship game, precursor to THE SUPERBOWL couldn't be missed. Well, I suppose it could have, but with the plethora of email and facebook messages arriving from LOYAL FANS (aka my friends) back in Phoenix lauding the accomplishments of the hometown team, I didn't miss it.

I presented myself honestly and openly at this viewing party outing myself immediately as the person in the room who easily knew the least about the sport and likely couldn't care less about the game.

And then, there was the National Anthem and the kickoff.

And somehow, I was completely swept in.

Suddenly, I was the person in the room jumping up and shouting louder than anyone on the good plays. I was also the person in the room holding head in hands and biting her nails on the bad ones.

In a word I was looking: Fanatic.

Midway through the game I publicly declared my enthusiasm for all things PHOENIX CARDINALS announcing to all within earshot: "If the Cards win tonight I am getting cornrows in my hair tomorrow!" (Follow my logic here, this in honor of the ever-amazing Larry Fitzgerald, Number 11, Wide Receiver, who I admittedly developed a bit of a crush on through the course of the game--but honestly, what's not to love, admire and emulate when watching the powerhouse of grace, speed and finesse?)

(Oh, and he's super good looking too)

I know Don was secretly (he even may have said it out loud) hoping that my enthusiasm for white girl dreds would leave me or I would retract the statement by the end of the game. I did neither but offered the compromise that I would merely throw a few plaits into my coiff as talisman token gesture of fanaticism support until the Superbowl.

So,that's that then. The Phoenix Cardinals won the game and are on their way for the first time to the mother of all bowl games. And me? I am braiding my hair in devotion. Upon consensus there will be one into the 'do for me. One for Elway, the stuffed bear who was watching along with us (that's a whole 'nother story), and one in for Don's boss. Raise your hands in the air in support of The Cards and I just may add a braid for you too.

Don't worry, I will complete the look with red and white beads hanging from the braids. It's going to be grand. I am celebrating the way only a fair weather fan can.

American Football is so my sport.

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  1. That would be so cool. Cornrows with red beads in the braids. You've gotta do it.

  2. Hey neighbor, feel like making a little wager?
    Since you're a Cards fan and I'm a born n bred Pittsburgher, what say you n me throw down in Europe?

    Winner gets a postcard and maybe a chocolate bar or tulip bulbs? (depending on the winner of course).

  3. Jen -
    i am with you - I actually started to care! As usual your post has me laughing out loud!! Hubby even got a kick out of it!!! Add a corn row for me!!! I prefer the red beads!


  4. Sorry, Jenn, we're going to have to part ways on this one.

    I have a special soft spot for all things Pittsburgh, especially the Steelers, even though, I, like you, am NOT a football fan normally.

    I yelled so loudly two years ago that Con and Dave left the room and left me to it.


    My hair is (fortunately) too short for dreds at the moment.

  5. Jimmy the Half GreekTue Jan 20, 08:33:00 AM 2009

    Can't wait for the pics of the braids! And, yeah, Fitzgerald is that good. My generation had Lynn Swann (Neither the fact that he was a Steeler or is a Republican diminishes his greatness.) Now the torch has been passed to Larry Fitzgerald. To the extent there is a comparison, Fitzgerald may be better. Yeah, Fitzgerald is that good.

  6. a post about football instead of your book report? Ugh

  7. Jenn, you've been gone a while - they're the ARIZONA Cardinals now (so as to embrace the fans from Yuma to the White Mountains, Flag to Tucson). *grin*

    Regardless, I was and always have been an American football fan, and Sunday's game was FANTASTIC. We're still saying, "Wow!" around here.

  8. This was fun to read.

    I cheered for the CARDINALS too. And surely if I was there I would braid your hair :)

    Oh my husband made me a football fan. In my country football means soccer. We didn't know anything about American football.

  9. Piercing, braids, Kool 'n the Gang.

    Can I be you?