Thursday, January 1


The beginning of a new year.

Whether you are one who uses its dawning to clear the slate and set resolutions for the coming days and weeks or not, there is something kind of enticing about this first day of January. Something a bit precious. And special. And, yeah, new.

Like if you don't wiggle, you may just get the shot.

I am one of those who sets goals and contemplates the way this year can be better than the last.
I am also one of those who sees the forward momentum of life and understands (albeit intermittently) that life happens in spite of the plans you make... but I do like to spend the time around the new year contemplating my navel the things I can do to affect positive changes toward better ends as a person, a mother, a wife and a friend.

So far my list includes:
Drink coffee in bed first thing in the morning.
Lounge in jammies.
Read an excellent novel.
Take a new year's day nap.

I am thrilled to report that I am off to an excellent start this year. Your suggestions for furthering the betterment of my person are welcomed in the comments section.

Happy New Year everyone.


New Year changes at the photo site.

Whether you've noticed or not (you do visit, right?) Allison and I share a photoblog and post in a rhythm of her turn, my turn throughout the year. This year, (yes, the NEW year) I will be posting on the ODD numbered days. What that means for you is that TODAY, being the FIRST, is the FIRST day of the new arrangement. Yup, me = ODD. Seems fitting, no?


  1. My resolution is to dance. I will get started this Saturday night with some Salsa dancing and I may wear some shiny shoes just to start the new year right :)

  2. Suggestions to add to your list: Sing. Loud and often.

    Happy New Year, Jenn!

  3. Sounds like a perfect list to me. I think I'd better get right on it!

  4. Hahaha I started reading and I thought "pfff new year's day is a day to walk in a maze of fatigue and do nothing but hang in the sofa....who cares about new years resolutions, I certainly do not"

    but I think in the end we are on the same track. hahaha

  5. My suggestions for furthering the betterment of your person would have to be an empty list because I like you just like you are. OK, maybe you could put "Come to Houston" on the list.

  6. I'd like to suggest one other new year's resolution though for 2010.

    "try to get on the boulevard around noon, half past noon to give Goofball a big new year's hug"