Saturday, January 31



my own game
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Seeing midnight from both sides too? Leave me a note.
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Sleepless players this week:


  1. hmm I've seen both sides of midnight all week long. Ironically enough that's often the only moment of the day that I've felt awake. ARgh.

    I played

  2. Me! Me! Both I'm playing AND not getting much sleep.

    Little lady has ANOTHER cold which means stuff dripping down her throat which means she coughs, gags and nearly throws up (has her daddy's gag reflex) which means she doesn't sleep which means I DON'T SLEEP!!!!!

    Did you hear about this 12+ hour training I have to go to today? Uuuggghhhhh.....

    So since I can't sleep, you go get some for both of us.

  3. J -

    I am in! I honor you with playing SS for my 100th post!

    As for me, sleep isn't being elusive...there's just not enough time for all the sleep I want/need.

    Sigh. Hope all else is well. Hugs. Ken

  4. That's a hard thing, Jenn. I hope it gets easier soon.

  5. wow, can I ever relate to that sentiment this week. lol

  6. me too - sick kids and now sick me . . . ah sleep, my old friend - come and visit again soon!

    Note written at 3:05 AZ, USA time!

  7. Hey! I have an idea - let's see if anyone can remember the last time they got to sleep BEFORE midnight!

    Anyone? Jami, how about you? What? No, I don't believe you! I think you've gotten to sleep before midnight since 1995! Oh ... that's when the first kid showed up? Well, OK.