Saturday, June 14

Another Win


my own game
click here for the rules.

Hup Holland!
Euro Cup 2008
NL v Italy 3-0
NL v France 4-1

You feel like shouting too? Leave a comment and join the HOERA! Leave your link if your playing.


  1. Actually it is wicked awesome! As you know yesterday I couldn't get the boys and their friend to a pool party (a pool party for goodness sakes!) because they wanted to watch the match against France. They wore the crazy orange hats you gave them and yelled "HUP Holland!!"

    I did eventually get them to the pool party.

  2. smid-
    I think it might just be wicked pissa! Though without the dutch propensity to string many words together into one wickedawesomepissa I stuck with the rules of the game and went with the one best word.
    Serious elation in this land, I tell ya!

  3. I challenge you to turn the color of your blog into orange as long as they play in Euro2008. A true fan would do that right away.

  4. hahahahaa I LOVE it. You are fantastic . It looks good actually!

  5. Wickedly cool!!!

    Have a nice weekend!

  6. So I love the new header photo... but check this out, I read an interesting fact about those oh so prized stripey tulips today. You know that the cause of the stripes is an incurable virus? Cool, eh?

  7. Italy AND France! Holland ROCKS!

    I'm nervous, though, because my German daughter's world will crash if/when Germany loses...