Monday, June 9

Athletic Supporter

It's that time of year! Rather, it's that time which comes once every four years (or every two years if you count on that alternating schedule with the World Cup--which we do) for football fans around the continent.

Yes, friends, it is Euro Cup summer.

Even if you've witnessed madness before, still you wouldn't believe the madness that a cup championship brings to this country. The Dutch do love their football.

Of course here I am referring to that game which is actually played with the FEET and a round ball--NOT the one where big boys pad up and knock each other down over a smallish-eggish-shaped ball. Y'know, the game with far too many complicated rules? Give me a soccer match any day. Straightforward hustle and real athleticism. And yeah, really, really good looking guys who play the game... Ah, me.

Wait, am I off topic here?

Voetbal is all the rage here in my adopted country. Store fronts are decorated in orange paraphanalia. People are walking the streets clad in orange t-shirts, hats and other accoutrement. The commercials on TV are full of rah-rah Football fun.

It's fever.

Football fever.

And it is contagious.

Because: "There is no team like the best team
which is our team right here
we will show you we're the best team
in the very little league The European Cup this year
And in no time we'll be big time
Like the big league baseball football stars
For all we have to do is win just one more all our games
And the championship is ours! "*

Join me now and chant along with the song on every Nederlander's lips:

*apologies to Charlie BrownClark Guesser

for liberties taken with the lyrics for T-E-A-M

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  1. Can you get me one of those cool lion shirts? See, Belgium is boring and believes in wearing nothing but dreary colors or throwback to the '80's fashion.

    I'd soooo love one of those lion shirts. I'd be lifting it up and roaring and giggling all day.

  2. "If you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter"

    Name that movie. I'll be disappointed if you can't. :)

  3. lilac-
    Send me an address and your t-shirt size. There are lion shirts aplenty out there right now!! You must promise of course to send the photo of you in it (whilst lifting it up and giggling, naturally)

  4. So how cool are these red-headed boys I know how have coordinating black and orange football t-shirts from Holland?

    Hup Holland!

  5. hup Italy hup
    hup Italy hup
    hup Italy hup

    (sorry for that....those Italian guys need some support right now (typing this in half time)). and I am not too sure that I want to end up in an orange frenzy at the end of June anyway. Survived it once 4 years ago in Rotterdam...not too sure if I can survive a second weekend in the orange madness.

    Oh and thanks for making some publicity for my employer :p

  6. Too funny! And I was thinking Cheeseheads were ridiculous.

  7. Haha, funny ad, I hadn't seen it before, though it must be at least 4 years old...

    Anyways, I am wearing an orange top right now, is that very bad? Can it be cured?

  8. anneke-
    I don't suppose it can be helped really and just goes to show that your heart is in the right place...
    Hup Holland Hup!

  9. Hey! The game where Holland won was on CNN Headline News this morning as the "play of the day!" I smiled and thought of your blog!