Friday, June 20

Lang Zal Ze Leven

It wasn't so long ago, but really it feels like forever since we met. And I don't mean forever in that this-administration-meeting-where-we-talk-about-everything-and-accomplish-nothing-is-going-on-FOREVER kind of way. I mean the forever in that I've always had this freckle on my arm kind of way. She might as well be part of me, that's how forever it feels like.

It's actually been about a year since I found her. I linked to her blog via this site (another woman I adore) and once there didn't leave for hours. That could have spooked her really, to have an instantaneous stalker arrive on the scene. But it must not have, because she was willing to establish communication and build a friendship.

Pretty damn cool if you ask me.

She is damn cool.

And so kind.

And witty.

And talented.

And funny.

And quick.

And beautiful.

And smart.

And brave.

And so, so real.

Of course, I am talking about the lovely and wonderful Jami of Not That Different. If you haven't met her yet, I highly recommend you go round her way and introduce yourself. And then spend some time with her wit and her candor. You'll be so glad you did.

Naturally, while you're there you can wish her a Happy Birthday. Because, yes, that's right, my dear friend, Jami is celebrating her birthday today!

Were it possible I would most like to be at her party tonight to watch her blow out 60 candles. Also, I would be very willing to propose 60 toasts in her honor. And I would most definitely be up for planting 60 kisses upon her lovely cheeks.

But, alas, I can't be there, so all I've got is this quiet venue from which to shout:


While we are on the subject of birthdays, I would like to mention this little project. Alex Elliot of Formula Fed and Flexible Parenting is hosting a carnival at her place. The theme is birth-days and it's the opportunity of a lifetime to share the birth stories you've always wanted to tell. Whether they are first hand, second generation or made-up tales of glory, the venue is open for all who have a story to share. Even if you're not a blogger but you have something to say, please write it up and I will post it here for you. Me, I am a little torn about what I might share: Will it be the birth of my favorite cat? The stories of my children's births? The adventure of my own birth wherein I had my first haircut even before I was born?
As always, I'll have something to say. I hope you'll come by to hear it.

Birth Days


  1. Happy birthday Jami!
    *throws confetti*

  2. wow...june is such a birthday month! Happy birthday to Jami.

  3. My birthday wishes will be up later today. Needed to be defensive first.

    And aren't we so lucky to have Jami in our lives? We really have the present, wrapped up in a sexy little bow.

  4. Well, fuck! Now I'm all weepy and shit! Because that's just the kind of girl I am. Thanks, y'all!

    And thank you SO much, Jenn, for this ambush ... umm ... surprise birthday post! This is just one of the reasons I love you madly! That and the stalking.