Saturday, June 21

No Joy in Mudville

Oranje over and out.

Euro Cup Quarter Finals
NL v Russia 1-3

New color scheme on the blog tomorrow...


  1. aw, my sympathies :( we've been seeing some great highlights (though none of that particular game yet)

    anyone else you're willing to cheer for now?

  2. I'm just glad that Germany doesn't have to play Netherlands. Last time that happened our cars got vandalized and our house egged by the kids in the neighborhood that know DH is German. And we did not even watch the game as he is not such a big fan!

    Sometimes, football mania can be taken a bit far.

  3. I won't make silly jokes now....although I am tempted

  4. I'm sorry. And I really do love the new color scheme. It's prettier than green.

  5. I'm so sorry. Maybe you can leave the new color scheme up until next year - just to keep the team spirit going.

  6. We were all a bit sad in our family. The kids even brought their crazy "Nederlands hats" (yes - they say "Nee-derlands") to their grandparents' house and got their basketball/baseball/American football-loving grandfather to watch the match.

  7. Oh, are we out? ;)
    I haven't really been watching...
    Just 5 minutes afer the game our neighbour was taking down his orange decorations.