Friday, August 15

Doing It My Way

Ikea and I
are intimately involved
How "She completes me"!
I love her fresh smell
and the sawdust that trickles
over ev'rything.
But what can I say?
Little things totally please~
and I love it cheap.
Empowered am I
Me, the triumphant builder!
(With a little help)

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  1. Most of our new stuff is from Ikea. I'd never been there till I moved here but it's kinda cool stuff. I still have a hard time with how low the beds are.

  2. Damn woman...I've read all of your haikus and you are one prolific mama! Makes me feel a tad meager...but, oh, the 'sha-lange' as Inspector Clousseau (sp?) might say! Great images......

  3. You're such a freakin' overachiever, you! More great stuff, seemingly gliding out of your mind. Hmmmm, not unlike a drawer from an Ikea bureau, eh?

  4. You came to Ikea and you conquered! :p

  5. Send those to Ikea - maybe they'd give you a gift cert. or something!


  6. This is fantastic... not from Ikea, is it?:) sort of pick the words in a packet and self-assembly?:) Lovely.

  7. I love Ikea. LOVE it. Oh, how I miss it since I moved to Ohio...

    It's just not fair. Ikea should be everywhere.

  8. You kill me. Hahaha. Ikea should really be paying you for this...