Monday, August 11

All Mixed Up

Of the many souvenirs and memory treasures I brought home from Boston, there is one which has risen to the top of my favorite things. This is a big deal, because, hoo-boy I brought a lot of things home from Boston! The physical treasures include a Folbot Kayak for Don, a new Camera (and ultimately a new lens) from Zeff Photo, massive amounts of food treats from the USA, and several (okay, more than several) shiny, pretty things I picked up during the weekend away.

Women in Black

Emotional keepsakes include the night out (and a first meet) with Alex Elliot and Allison for dinner, drinks and lots of great conversation. And of course, the premiere souvenirs of being able to spend time with THE Soccer Mom herself (though to be fair the current sport was baseball) as well as engage in phone conversations with THE Ambassador and THE Cybergoddess.

I tucked all of these finds away in luggage and memory. You might be thinking that this was a weekend packed with experiences which I will linger in for a long, long time.

You would, of course, be correct.

Ah, me.

Last week I got a treadmill for the house. There has been a running (haha!) discussion regarding this purchase for our home and whether the machine would soon become the most expensive clothes hanger in history, or the most massive dust collecting knick-knack we own. I am happy to report that as of ownership day #6 it is neither as my feet and its belt have been in intimate daily contact. It's kind of my new best friend.

This now, is where the revered tiny treasure comes to play. On my last day in Boston, Allison tucked inside my carry on bag a last few special items to bring home. There was the CD crammed with the photos she took of my appearance in her son's classroom to chat with the kids about life in Holland, and there was this:

The birthday CD from her daughter's recent birthday.

Upon this little treasure of "songs that make her dance" are a variety of ab fab tunes which the little darling loves to dance to. Me, I am using this CD as my accompaniment for exercise! And it couldn't be more perfect. Things start out nice and slow with Carole King's Really Rosie and then morph into the action of ABC's Look of Love, moving into Sing by Annie Lennox which really gets my heart moving. Then for a little rest I walk and croon along with Cindy Lauper's True Colors and then pick up the pace again when the music moves me with Erasure's Blue Savannah straight into Abba's Mama Mia. You get the idea here? This darling goldilocks has provided the perfect mix tape to get my body moving too! 57 minutes worth of rhythm and music to be exact.

And I love it.

Every last heart pounding minute.

More music at SMID's place today.

It's Music Monday folks!

Running like the wind
My stationary treadmill
is my new best friend
Wait. What's that up there? A Haiku?
Oh, yes, friends it is once again time for the Haiku Buckaroo contest!

Check out the details
over at My Mommy's Place
Start writing Haiku.

You know I will be~
I want to drink my coffee
from that Haiku mug!


  1. My ipod makes the 3k bike ride to and from class go much faster too. And I got the postcard today!!! Thank you sooo much! Now I'm trying to convince Hans to take a vacation in Croatia next summer.

  2. For of all can I just say that you are totally awesome?! I got a postcard today too. It really put a smile on my face.

    I had such a great time with you and SMID!!! Still not sure what our moving plans are. I suspect we will know in a couple months.

    I have to say that I am really happy with the treadmill we purchased a few years ago. Music definitely makes a difference.

  3. a treadmill? wow that must be a really good CD to keep you moving. I don't think I'd keep on using one.

    oooh haiku buckaroo . I only hear about it now? only 4 more days. ouch....

  4. I am so glad that little lady's musical tastes are helping you use the treadmill. I personally can't stand those machines but perhaps a good set of tunes will get me to change my mind.

    And what a great list from our visit. Makes me long for another one....

  5. Good job sticking with the treadmill! Hubby went back to using it, and even our daughter is now using it. I need to get back on it.


  6. the music makes the time pass so much faster. love the treadmill - I can let my mind wander without fear of being hurt in traffic.

  7. Nothing makes a good workout like good music!

  8. There's nothing like good music to make you want to move.

    Also, I am feeling the urge to make you a mix cd. (Although we now use cd's, I still want to call it a mix "tape.")