Thursday, May 8

Almost Paradise

In case you missed the subtle message behind my Wordless Wednesday (which incidentally was quite full of words) post this week, I am in Boston for the weekend.

In Boston.
By myself.
Visiting my friend.
In Boston.

Can I get a Whoopee?

Yeah, I hear ya.

I arrived here last night (Massachusetts time: 8:00 p.m. My body clock time: 2:00 a.m.) and after a short visit with Allison, a quick meet and greet with her husband, and a gaze at three sleeping angels tucked into their various beds, I climbed into bed myself and (mostly) snoozed the night away. There was that brief moment in time when I heard Allison's darling 4-year-old wailing from her mom's room in the night that there was a stranger sleeping in her bed (Think Goldilocks reversed... a strange Mama bear in her house sleeping in HER BED!) and there was that other brief moment in time when I really, really, really had to pee so I had to leave the comfort of darling Goldilocks' bed and make my way to the bathroom. Other than that I slept well and woke rested and ready for my first day's adventures in Boston.

Did I mention I am in Boston?

First stop on the tour today was an absolute highlight for me. A moment in time not soon to be forgotten. You see, I got to be the guest in a first grade classroom this morning. The classroom is that of a certain big brother to Goldilocks mentioned above. In this class they are studying The Netherlands.(*ahem* That's where I am from) So with some cajoling and finagling and general over the top 'please, please, please let me come talk to your class while I am in Boston', I scored an invitation from the teacher to come and talk to the kids about what it's like to live in Holland.

Can I get a Yahoo?

That's the spirit.

We talked about windmills and wooden shoes.
We tasted Hagelslag and Drop.
We discussed money and Her Majesty Queen Beatrix's status.
We read stories and learned vocabulary words.
We pondered canals, polders and oceans.
We puzzled about the possibilities of a visit from Sinterklaas.
We practiced those crazy Dutch diphthongs and consonants. (oh! That "g")
We salivated a little over stroopwaffels and speculaas.

I should mention I brought chocolade for everyone, so I think even the kids would agree that all for all it was a worthwhile experience.

For me, it was a little piece of it-doesn't-happen-often-enough teaching heaven.

Can I get a Hoera?

Just a little louder please.



    Wait - you brought chocolate for EVERYONE? Where's mine?

  2. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!! That's so SO COOL! (I loved the reverse Goldilocks story. hahaha.) Oh my dears, I hope you're having a glorious time. Wait a minute, of COURSE you're having a glorious time!

    (Remember that bit about the waves of jealousy? Yeah, that still applies...)

  3. Hoera! Sounds like a great time! And ooooh Speculoos is yum. Have you tried the spread yet? They make it with chocolate now too.
    Enjoy Boston and the rest of your trip!

  4. Have fun...I know you will! Boston's a great city and you have the added bonus of having a good friend to share it with!

  5. Hoera! Oh, Jenn, this sounds heavenly. Have a perfect time and give Allison a HUGE hug for me!

  6. Jen, what a fantastic trip. How cool that you're talking to the 1st grade class about HOlland. I'm back to: I can't wait for the new pics you guys will inevitably put up. :)

  7. Sounds like a fun day for all! Hoera!

  8. Oh how marvelous! You two together in Boston--you'll probably have a tea-party, eh? And I can only imagine that was a great treat for the class--the teacher must have been in teacher heaven having you as guest speaker.

    You two will have a ball, and I'm expecting to see pictures to prove it!

  9. Oh!!!!!!!! So envious! When you go to Faneuil Hall (I think it is called Quincy Market place too) - be sure to have some fried dough for me!!!!!! With extra powdered sugar!!!!!!!!

    Savor every minute!

  10. Definitely a yippee, yahoo, and a hoorah (or something like that) - sounds like an absolute blast. Well done. Nice to see you again, BTW. It's been awhile. Sorry I haven't stopped by to check in on you. I'll work harder. Have a nice time and a gr8 weekend. *lov'n com'n ur way*

  11. Of course, since Amazing Guy and I have dealt with Goldilocks in our bed for weeks we didn't think she would be upset to actually have full permission to be in our bed. Unfortunately, one of the worst tantrums in our family's history had to be heard by Jenn.

    Sorry darling. I think the fancy purse and sparkly bracelets have made it up to her. Good job!

    Oh, did you figure out that Jenn is visiting me? ME! Yup. I'm braggin' now....

  12. Hoera! I still can't quite believe the two of you do these as weekend trips!!

  13. Sounds like you are having a riot!!! Check my blog to see what Drew and i have been up to!

  14. Hurraaaaah!

    can you come and do a show and tell about the Netherlands in Leuven as well???

    I have to stop reading your blog make us tooo jealous all the time!

  15. Oh my! Hagelslag, and chocolade, and stroopwaffels, and speculaas? You'd be my favorite guest speaker for sure!!!!

    I hope you have a great trip. That's a long distance to travel for such a short time.