Sunday, May 25

Oops, I Did It Again


my own game
click here for the rules.

Those who didn't forget (like elephants don't!):
Flower Child


  1. Ah well, this sort of thing happens. At least you caught yourself before the weekend is out.

  2. I hope that's just because it's a gorgeous weekend in Den Haag and you're having a lovely time!

  3. jen-
    It is indeed! I set off early yesterday morning (but not too early) for a haircut, and then had coffee with friends, which extended to a shopping trip and then home for that all important Saturday nap...
    After that it was dinner, a glass of wine and time with a new book. Yeah, it was lovely.

    Thanks! I always appreciate the help with rationalization for my procrastination!

  4. OF COURSE Flower Child carried the torch. She is awesome like that.

    And Oops, we all do...

  5. Hey, these things happen. We're human - not computers.

    I understand that forgetfulness is, like, the second or third sign of advancing age. I don't remember what the first one is, though.

  6. you are soo forgetting you made me come by like 10 times to check! Tssssss.