Monday, May 5

The Love Bug

Andrew made his appearance in our lives five years ago today. His debut to our family included all the usual ways a baby makes its way--maximum discomfort giving way to pain and then ultimate awe--when after a very long night and day of induced labor the nurses laid his purple-smoogey-pug-nosed self onto my belly. And Don and I met our third child.

His arrival in our lives marks the beginning of change for our family. I can never be sure if the surprise discovery (after a 7 year gap) of being pregnant was the impetus for all that change or simply coincidental. But you can well mark the year 2003 as that time and place where movement was afoot. Movement which ultimately brought our family across the ocean to uncharted (to us) territory as residents of a country, not our own.

There is not a minute of that journey I wish had been any different.

And truth be told, there is hardly a minute of life with Andrew in it that I would trade for anything. (There are a few sleepless nights I would reclaim, and let's be honest the temper tantrums of toddlerhood are not my favorite, but all for all it's all good.)
Having Andrew makes life an every-day-is-a-new-discovery adventure.
And I am so glad to be along for the ride.

If you are looking for cuteness and memory of just what I mean, you can read the archives of the Andrew anecdotes here.

But whether you take the time to walk down five-years of memory lane with me today or not, please add your voice (It's Music Monday after all) to the song we are singing here today.

"Happy Birthday Andrew!"
Mama is mad about you.


  1. I prefer to sing Sing My Sister Sing to him. :)

    But Happy Birthday little man! And congratulations to the mama who brought him into the world.

  2. Cute pictures!
    And Gelukkig Verjaardag Andrew!

  3. Happy Birthday to Andrew! And Congratulations to you!

  4. Happy Birthday, Andrew! You certainly are one spectacular kid!

    And happy giving birth day, jenn. :D

  5. Fijne verjaardag, Andrew!
    That last pic is the best pic of all! Just that look on his face!

  6. Happy BIRTH-Day Mama and little man!!! What a celebration!

  7. Happy Birthday, Andrew! And Mom! How cool to be 5 on 5/5!

  8. and Miss Forsey is mad about him too but don't tell the rest of her class!!!!!!!!!

    I had a lovely day today.. thanks for sharing...

    Well.. right up untill the very squished bus ride home but hey you can't have everything?!

    Hartelijk gefeliciteerd Drew xxxx

  9. Happy Birthday Big Man!
    I am happy to say I remember that first birthday cake.
    Five years old...really?

  10. Happy Birthday Andrew!!! Give him a big squeeze for me. :)

  11. What a sweetie! Happy birthday to him and YOU--to celebrate the day you gave birth!

  12. Such a face -- adorable! Happy Birthday Andrew and Happy Giving Birth Day to his mama ;-)

  13. he has the cutest little face -every year from 1 to 5

  14. How could anyone not fall in love with that little face?

  15. Happy Birthday, Andrew! And Jenn... he has the sweetest smile and is just such a cute little... yes, love bug is the perfect term!

  16. Oh, he's so incredibly gorgeous. Happy (belated) Birthday, little dude. What a very sweet post.