Monday, May 26

On Being Appreciated

Just out of the shower, Sunday evening.

"Okay, pal it's time to get jammies on. Can you go get them?"

"Yeah! Uh, where are my jammies Mom?"

"Hmmm. I think I saw some on your floor by your shelves."


"These jammies Mom? You mean these jammies? Are these mine?"

"Sure looks like it to me."

"Yeah, these are my jammies Mom!"

"Okay then. Now can you go get some pants to wear under your jammies? Or are you wearing no pants?"

"I want pants."

"Go find some then."

"In my basket?"

"Yup. In your basket."


"Oh, Mom, this is a really big problem!"

"What's the problem bud?"

"There are not pants in my basket!"

"Hmmkay, let's see... How about these?"

"Hey! Those are my pants! Are those my pants, Mom? Are my pants clean?"

"Yup. I am just folding things from the laundry. Those are your pants and they are clean."

"Oh, Mom. I love my pants! You made my pants clean Mom! Oh, Mom, my pants! That's great! I love you Mom."

That friends, is my sweet dream.


  1. Hehehe. nothing quite like the feeling of fresh undies.... and warm out of the laundry? mmmmm. :)

  2. Laundry - usually such a thankless job. Until one needs clean undies!

  3. Oh my goodness, could he be any sweeter?? How sweet!

  4. Bah... guess I'm awfully repetitive today.

  5. You know how it is, Jen, it needs to be repeated to be learned, right?

  6. Totally precious. And I'm with CableGirl: nothing like fresh-from-the-dryer underwear. Ahhhhhh.

  7. Could you come do my laundry? I promise to be just as appreciative!!

  8. Too, too sweet!

    And if you come to my house, all you'll have to do is fold it! And then nag the kids to put it away. Actual (OK, paraphrased) dinnertime conversation at our house:
    "We've been eating supper with your pile of socks and underwear on the table for a few days now. Do you know if they have any plans to move to your room anytime soon?"
    "I don't know. I'll ask 'em after I'm done eating."
    Repeat next night.

  9. how precious. makes my heart melt

  10. awwww - I need him over here cheering me on when I do laundry!!

  11. That's great!

    When one of my daughter's favorite clothing items comes out of the laundry she'll thank me profusely: "OH mom, that's so nice of you to wash that. Thank you, thank you." It's good to be appreciated!

  12. Okay, nobody EVER appreciates it when I do the laundry. Hahaha. That's so stinking cute. I just adore that kid (and his mom too...).

  13. So sweet! Andrew sounds so much like Jaxon. I think we have had this same conversation.

  14. I have a fear that if I had a conversation with my son about that the next step would be for him to pull out a pair from the dirty laundry basket and announce he had found a clean pair.