Monday, May 12

Hanging My Hat

The wheels of my two suitcases call out a rhythmic cadence as we pull them across the cement tiled walking path. In my head I can hear Andrew calling out his countdown to "our house" by inspecting each of those preceding in the row with a cheerful "Is that my house? No." as we walk past. I have loved every minute of my 4 days away but the excitement of being home is mounting with each step as Don and I approach our front garden. Having already lingered in the arms of this man-I-am-crazy-about at the airport reunion I am looking forward to throwing my arms around those kids-who-make-me-crazy when I step in the door.

At our arrival home, Andrew looks up through the large front window (which desperately needs cleaning) and through the glass I can hear him inhale sharply, then see him grin broadly. He calls out "Are you home Mama? Did you get back from Boston?" I smile at him and shout "I'm home" which he answers with an exuberant jumping celebration while pumping fists in the air and shouting "YEAH!". I practically trip over myself as I push open the front door and pull my suitcase in behind me.

I am not even through the front hall when my independent 14-year-old Ian has me in a lock-grip hug. It's a stellar moment with my oldest boy. Then Emma peeks her head around the door frame and with a grin, a kiss and a hug welcomes me home too. My Andrew surveys all the hugging, the greetings, the plethora of luggage I have hauled home from the United States (without much concept of what it may contain in the way of pop-tarts, peanut butter, and cheez-its) and then looks at me and says "You're home Mama!"

Only a few minutes later the five of us congregate in the living room (loot distribution will soon begin) to visit about our collective time away from each other. It's a great family moment. Kind of one of those that you wish you had every time you were all in the same room together.
Andrew pats my leg to get my attention and then with a definitive move to cross both his arms and his legs, he shakes his head back and forth slightly as if in wonderment and awe over the moment too and says "I am just so happy that you are home, Mom."

Home is such a great feeling.


P.S. Don't miss this photo at 1 Picture a Day. You may just recognize someone... and the feeling she is describing here.


  1. What an incredible homecoming. Makes going away all the better when you're greeted like that on your return. :)

  2. Glad you got home safe!

  3. OK, I admit to tearing up when I read this. I have had way too many of my own coming-homes to not know EXACTLY the emotions that filled you and your family when you walked in the door.

    I'm SO glad you got home OK! Not that there was ever any doubt, but it's always good to hear you made it.

  4. What a beautiful post, Jenn. And yes, isn't a miracle when you get one of those 14-year-old boy iron hugs like that? They still love us. They really do. ;-)

    So glad you had your wonderful trip and your wonderful homecoming!

  5. Oh, what a wonderful homecoming! With such a greeting like that, have you already booked your next trip?

  6. Homecomings like this are one thing that make motherhood so....ahhhhh.

  7. While I am very very glad you are home safe and in all those wonderful people's loving arms, another house is a bit empty.


  8. That is beautiful. I bet you cried. You did, didn't you!

    AND I almost cried when I got my chocolates! Weird, huh? Well at the same time, I was receiving my gifts from my children for mother's day. This is the first year they have ALL sent me gifts. As adults. It's super cool.

    ANYWAY, I did some linky luvvin at my place for you today. Go read! :)

  9. oh, welcome home :) gorgeous write!

  10. Welcome home! So glad you made it OK.