Thursday, August 21


Haiku Junkie Gains Honor
Jenn in Holland quips "Oops! I did it again"

Jenn can't seem to get enough of the haiku madness when it rolls around over at My Mommy's Place and for days, weeks, months (is it only minutes?) she finds herself drumming her fingers against her thigh as she counts out the 5-7-5 syllable rhythm. All that nervous twitching paid off this week as Jenn was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Haiku Buckaroo contest. And folks, you know what that means. Jenn gets more bling for her blog.

Revisiting Emergency Room
Andrew quips: "Oops! I did it again"

Because 5-year old Andrew felt that one trip to the Spoedig Erste Hulp Centre whilst his family was away was simply not enough, he and mother Jennifer were found walking through the doors of the urgent care center again late yesterday afternoon. With concussion investigation thoroughly completed, Andrew was released to go home with the strict instructions for his mother to wake him every two hours through the night. We are happy to report that for all purposes Andrew seems to be back to his rambunctious, active self with no obvious repercussions from the fall. His mother on the other hand, is still a bit shaky.

Games People Play
You take it or you leave it.

Considering that Jenn in Holland is a little slow on the uptake with most things in life, including the action in the blogosphere, she is only just now realizing there is a HAIKU HAPPENING every Friday in the neighborhood. It's called Haiku Friday and it is hosted by Christina from A Mommy Story. Jenn considers this fair warning to all her readers that "there will be haiku here". Taking into account that she already hosts and plays Singular Saturday and participates in Wordless Wednesday (usually on a Tuesday) the words on her blog are becoming precious and few. Readers may rejoice in the new found succinct thought rather than the regularly scheduled babbling.

Last Sleep
The countdown is on.

The traveling clan across the ocean will soon board an airplane bound for Holland. Andrew and mother are feverishly working to make things ready for the return of Don, Ian and Emma to their home. Preparations include kicking Andrew out of Daddy's side of the bed and, *ahem*, vacuuming up the cookie crumbs left over from breakfast in front of the TV. In discussion late this afternoon that only one sleep remained before brother, sister, and Dad returned, Andrew was seen to clasp his hands to his heart and exclaim "Oh,I think that really makes me so happy!". This writer concurs.

Signing off as your ever faithful reporter of all things silly,


  1. Haha! I love to read the Jenn Gazette! The Jenn Weekly? Jenn Times? Jenn Dagblad? Jennkrant? Hmmm. I can't decide...

    Anyway, great read! :D

  2. Oh wait! I know! Jenn-NN! How cool is that! *has way too much fun making up names*

  3. I hope Andrew is all right now. Poor baby.

    Glad the family is returning soon. Safe trip to them all!

  4. Glad everyone will all be under the same roof soon. Yay for the Jenn clan!

  5. Love it! I'm glad you're finding stories for your newspaper... I'm striking on with mine. :-)

    BTW... Love your Wordless Wednesday photo from this week. The color saturation is amazing!

  6. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! I got a postcard!



  7. Ack! You didn't know about Haiku Friday? I must be a horrible bloggy buddy. I should have noticed and drawn your attention to it. *sigh*

    Glad the little man is ok.

  8. You say so much in so few words, that I'm looking forward to Fridays with greater anticipation than usual. Congrats on the HM.

  9. Glad that Andrew is okay and I hope you are feeling less shaky. Enjoy your family reunion!

  10. CG - she knew ... she just didn't let on that she knew. Oh, crap - it's Friday - must go and do haiku!

    SO much fun to hear that you won, hon! (See? Poetry!)

    And I have to echo Andrew: I think this post really makes me so happy!

    (Mantra, baby - mantra!)

  11. Figures you would win AGAIN!! Sheesh. And were Andrew and my little man channeling each other because I ended up in the little island ER with him on his birthday. Ack.

    Glad everyone is home. I'll be back some day....

  12. what a fun newspaper to read, although the ER story scared me first as well. Glad to hear Andrew is all fine.

  13. This was hilarious! I love your headlines. I think THIS should be weekly feature here. With Wordless Wednesday, Haiku Friday, Singular Saturday and a headline news day...well, you'd just be bloggy busy!