Wednesday, August 13

Putting It Forward

If you've been paying attention, you've seen a few changes in the images in my sidebar. (What? You didn't notice? You didn't even look? You have better things to do with your time than stare at my blog page and spot every nuance of change? Shaa. Whatever.)

One of the new buttons over there===>
is for a site called THE BLOGGERS ANNEX. It's new to the net, or newish anyway, and the concept behind it is rather cool. In response to the question "What is the point of this site?" the developers of the Annex say this:

"Basically, the idea is that only the best posts will be published. Our hope is that it will feel like an honor to have something published here. If you have something in your archives that you’re in love with—something you want to give more exposure to, we’d love to take a look at it.

And maybe you don’t really care about submitting something. Maybe you’re just here to read. Because we’ve raised the bar so high, you’ll know that every time you click on the site you’ll find a fantastic post, and maybe meet a writer that you otherwise might not have met."

So. Neato, huh? I heard about the place, checked it out and joined. Because, yeah, I wanted to see if what I write would cut the mustard. I am a little bit self serving and egocentric like that. But you know what? It worked. They like me, they really like me! I submitted some pieces and today I am published there! If'n ya wanna, you can re-read (if you haven't memorized it already with all of the resurfacing this post tends to do!) the succinct announcement of Andrew's diagnosis as a card-carrying member of ASD. The post is here. More about Bloggers Annex is here.

Lots and lots of water has passed under the bridge since that first moment sitting at a table in the clinic hearing that word in association with my kid for the first time. And lots and lots of strength, support and understanding has poured into our lives. And empowerment. But I don't suppose I will ever forget the moment itself, the way life froze and my heart ached as we listened to the expert examiners reveal their findings.

I suppose I still have a lot to say about that.

But for now, it's still just those 11 words. Please tell me you stopped by.


  1. That post was so moving, so clear and saying so much more than a lenghty post could have done.

    Biiiiiiiiiiiiiig hug

  2. You rock the party.
    And of course I notice everything about everyone's sidebars. Ask me anything, I'll tell you what's new. Maybe.

  3. Beautiful. Simple and succinct, like all good writing.

    Congratulations on the post!

  4. It's still as touching as when I read it here for the first time.

  5. It touched me originally, and I still love it. (And I love you, too.) But I'm not memorizing it because it seems like that would diminish its effect on me.

    Congrats! I haven't sent them anything because I just don't know what I'd send. I simply don't see my stuff as having great emotional impact.

  6. I'll try to find something worthy. :)

  7. jami-
    The ANNEX is happy to look at anything and everything in any and every style. Send in YOUR Haikus! Now, those really rock the world!

    all y'all-
    Thanks (always and again) for your outpouring of kindness and support. You know I love you. And if you don't know it, I am telling you now. ALL OF YOU--I LOVE YOU!!

  8. Big smooch. As if you wouldn't cut the mustard.

  9. I just realized that it was at your urging that I entered the very first Haiku Buckaroo contest ... and WON! So I'm going to take your advice once again and submit some things (yeah - probably haiku things) to the Bloggers Annex.

  10. Ah yes, that now famous, award-winning post. Very, very powerful.

  11. jameeee-
    Did I? Did I really? Was I pushy? Brash? Bossy?
    I am so glad I did it, because, yeah, you TOTALLY deserved to win it!

  12. You WERE! TOTALLY! It's all your fault ... and I couldn't be happier.

    Thank you! SO much for everything!

  13. That was a perfect post. And showed perfectly just how powerful a single word can be. Congratulations on your publishing debut!!

  14. The Bloggers Annex sounds very cool. And it's so appropriate that you would find yourself there. You're the best in my book!

  15. "I stopped by". Oh, and I'm glad to meet you! I just joined the Annex, too. I feel just how Jami says she feels, but I guess we can let the powers that be there decide!

    I'll be back for more!