Saturday, August 9

I am not. Are you?


my own game
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  1. First vote in! Andrew just spied this photo and while backing away from the computer said "oooh! I don't like spiders..."
    Hmmm. Guess I have a little edumacating to do around here.

  2. oh yes... highly. I've slept on couches because I found spiders in my rooms. lol

  3. cg-
    Well, it seems you'd fit in with the arachnophobes in this house too. My boys both are a little squeamish over spiders. To be fair, I used to be, but am just not anymore. I think it comes from having to put on a brave face as a pre-school teacher/mama so as not to pass on the fears...

    Thanks! I am kinda fond of that new lens.:)

    Fair enough. Can't say I would want to run into one like you see in the Harry Potter films! Uh, no.

  4. I'll admit, I'm no fan of spiders. But Julia? She loves everything creepy and crawly. And anything she can get excited about, well, I can learn to live with.

  5. Well, I'm not really fond of anything that sort of looks like an insect or a spider. Not that I'd kill each and every one of them, but if they were, say looming over my bed... *shiver*