Sunday, November 25


Brillig's Soap Opera Sunday

"Mommmy! Mommy! Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahmmmmeeeeeeeeee! Sam and Susie are stuck together in the front yard and we can't get them apart!

That was the announcement we made to my mother on that sunny afternoon of my childhood.

Sam was our muttish dog, a Beagle and Dachshund mix. Susie was the AKC registered Shelty of our neighbors whose pride and glory was their prize winning dogs. Susie was the youngest among them and the prettiest. Susie was, of course, also in heat. The neighbors had come specifically to ask that Sam be kept away from their yard during this time. My parents complied and when Sam was outside our home he was tied to a lead which was tethered to a stake near the porch.

On this day, Susie came to him. She had dug deeply enough under the chain link fence of her yard to wiggle through and run free. And she ran straight to Sam. And there they were, the two of them, doing IT in our front yard.

Of course, I was young enough and innocent (oh, so innocent) enough to have no clue what was happening. The action elited a lot of discussion amongst my neighborhood friends. We told them to stop! We told them to let go! We told them it wasn't right to be stuck together like that! And then we told my mom.

She of course was at a complete loss as to what to do about it all as well. I mean there it was, a full public display of affection happening in her front yard for all the world to see. And there we were, a half dozen kids with wide eyes and inquiring minds asking the hard questions to a Mama who just. didn't. know. what. to. say.

She turned to my Dad by telephone. First reaching my Uncle Steve who worked alongside my Pop, she blurted out the news: "The dogs are stuck together on the front lawn! What do I do? What do I do?" My uncle's reaction was to double up in red-faced laughter and because he was unable to speak through the roaring guffaws he held out the receiver to my Dad. Daddy picked up the phone to hear the same panic report and with a somewhat subdued giggle in his voice gave the best advice he could muster at the moment: "Honey, pull up a chair and watch!"

Not long after that day, my parents sat me down and I got to hear all about the birds and the bees.

And the dogs.


  1. I am stiffling the laughter with tears coming down as my kids are demanding breakfast. Well actually one has taken matters into his own hands and is reheating leftover pasta as little lady is mimicking my giggles.

    We have a few zoo stories like that. You did a great job telling this one!

  2. SMID-
    First thing in the morning giggles is JUST the reaction I was hoping for with this post!
    And well done to the pasta re-warmer. Sounds like the breakfast of champions to me!

  3. Hahaha! Your poor mother! I wonder what she'd make of the horses I see out here in rural parts... By now my daughter is oblivious, "get a room," she sniffs.

  4. hehe Anno. Your daughter has wit!
    Just where do horses go for some privacy anyway??

  5. Wayyyyyy too funny! Stuck together indeed.

    And what was the outcome? Were there the pitter patter of little puppy paws?

  6. too funny. and they really are stuck together. poor things probably slept for a week afterwards.

  7. Way too funny. What did the neighbours say though when they heard about it? That's what I would have been worried about if I were your mom. Did Susy get puppies?

  8. Oh, that's a soap opera all right. That brazen hussy!

  9. An animal SOS, now that's a new one! Being raised on a farm I learned early about procreation. But yes, I can see how city-folk would need other examples. I'll ask you about how this has affected your personal preferences another time!!

  10. jen-
    You know, I don't remember if there were pups from that encounter or not. Hmmmm... I will have to ask my Mom.

    I do remember, Goofball, that the neighbors were VERY upset about it all and still tried to make it seem like it was Sam's fault. Even though it was their dog who dug under a fence and came running to him! Maybe he was just irresistable with those little mini legs of his! :)

    I'll bet you're right. Being stuck together can really make you dog tired. Hahahahahaha!

    Yup. Hot and determined, that was Susie!

    Bwhahahahahahaha! You can ask, but I'll never tell!

  11. Oh, Jenn. This was funny. Forbidden Love. My favorite S.O.S. in the history of S.O.S.'s.

  12. Oh, I could just picture the whole scene. Too funny.

  13. That was so funny. I remember going to the zoo with my dh and the tigers were in the beginning of it. My dh took a long time to realize what was going on and video taped them for quite a while before he choked on his own tape because he realized what was going on. So So funny!

  14. What a way to start my day--the "visual" start was a hoot!

    We've had many doggies over the years, and the females are just as "hot to trot" as the males at that time--a fact evidently the neighbors hadn't thoroughly considered LOL.

    I'm with jen, inquiring minds want to know if there were heinezie puppies forthwith. ;-)

  15. Oh. Mygosh. Snorting here. Seriously. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I love your uncle's reaction!!! Though, "pull up a chair" is pretty great advice. HAHAHAHA.