Thursday, November 15

Talk On!

Andrew's vocabulary is growing exponentially and with rapidly increasing speed. Having come to the talking game quite late it seems he is now making up for lost time. He makes daily long strides which nearly boggle the mind. For the most part the stimulation we offer him is our continual conversation, peppered occasionally with actual teaching moments wherein one or more of us tries to consciously open his mind to new vocabulary words. More often than not though, contributions to his speech are accidental and random (Tonight I caught him singing the full lyric to a song from the musical RENT!) as in a sentence from a book, a phrase from a game we are playing together, a movie line he hears, and/or a repeated choice word or two he gains from one of the grown ups--or nearly grown ups--around him. Words which then he is most likely to repeat. My favorite bits in this category are both the phrases 'Check this out', and 'Rock On'. These are the kinds of words I feel all four-year-olds should know. I also have a list of words four-year-olds should NOT know, but truly, I digress.

This morning Andrew and his Daddy were engaged in conversation as Don helped him dress for school. At some point in the exchange (neither adult can really remember how or why it came up in conversation) Don used the celebration phrase 'Boo-yah' and the little man found that to be an absolutely hilarious new word. Tucking it neatly into his memory as a shirttail into trousers, this suddenly became the word of the day for the boy.

"Say it again, Daddy!"



"Now, you say it Buddy."


I had stepped downstairs to pack our lunches and was decently engrossed in the task when I felt Andrew's little hands on my leg.

"Hey Mom, are you ready for this?"


He shouted the word at the top of his lungs and then scampered down the hall laughing.

he said as he got his shoes on (all by himself).

"Boo-yah" he cried as he pulled his coat down from the hook.
"Boo-yah" he nattered as he put his backpack into the bike basket.

Boo-yah, boo-yah, boo-yah...
The ride to school was entirely filled with a single track game. From the backseat this question:

"Mom, are you ready for this?"

I responded: "Sure".

he crowed.

The 50th time being equally as hilarious as the first time, this was the soundtrack for our morning commute.

The morning was busy and full but before Andrew's half day dismissal time I managed to catch his teacher in the hall to chat--among other things--about him. I mentioned to her that he had learned a new word today and perhaps she ought to test him out to see if he still remembered it. I gave her the lead and sent her on her way.
When she walked into the classroom, she called out "Andrew? Are you ready for this?" He looked up in shock and amazement, caught her eye, and with a mischievous grin shouted "BOO-YAAH!"

Still tonight as we hung out together to celebrate Don's big birthday, Andrew did not disappoint and for every "are you ready for this" query he returned a hearty "BOOO-YAAAAAH!".

This is how we roll. What started the day with a giggle saw us to it's end with a guffaw. And now I ask you all:




  1. YEEE-HAAAH!! That'll be the word I'm gonna teach him next time!!

    So proud of the little man. Wiping away a tear here!

  2. Oh, I love it! And I love the picture, too! Boo-yah!

  3. I just can't start my day without a HUGE smile when I get to read your blog. BOO-YAH!!!!

  4. GREAT! I'm with FA, though - next on the list should be a big YEEE-HAAAH!

  5. Hi Jenn,
    How are the dykes holding up...

    Cheers Mark

  6. Awesome! What a great word - I will use it all day

  7. wow that is just so precious! You go Andrew!

  8. Too cute!

    Boo-yah back at yah Andrew!

  9. Haha, is this the Dutch Boeiuh? (or in written from: boeiend?) Cause somehow I am reminded of that. It might be an English word that I'm just not familiar with, in that case I learned a new word too today! Boo-Yaa!

  10. o my goodness, yes most definately BOOYAH!

  11. Too flippin' cute! Of course, there is absolutely NO Dutch translation for this one. At least, I don't think there is, is there?!

  12. Is that a New Orleans word? I remember that from living there in the 1990's.

    But to hear it out of the mouth of a pre-schooler. What does that credit card say?


  13. Coming from Iowa, I cannot remember hearing that before--so I'm with Andrew, it's a new word for me today too. Boo-yah!

    The picture, too cute for words, but certainly worth a big BOO-YAH!

  14. How cute !!! What a sweet angel.
    Boo Yah !!!


  15. Hahahahahahaah, That's awesome. Oh, I love that kid. Hahahahahaha. And the glasses suit him perfectly. Deep, uproarious guffawing going on over here...

    And you're not underwater, are you? Has the storm engulfed you and yours?