Thursday, November 29

Curling Up

When I was in the fourth grade I had trouble in school. More to the point, I was always IN trouble at school. It wasn't because I was a chatterbox, no, that report would come later in my schooling. The trouble was I wouldn't put my book down.

Yeah, I was a rebel reader.

Propping heavy text books in front of me, pretending to read along during the social studies lesson, I would really be completely swept away by my real education: my books! Oh, I loved my books.

In those days there wasn't a once upon a time tale which didn't completely captivate me and take me away. Princesses, unicorns, space invaders, explorers; all were my friends and cohorts. I loved the very word on every page and the smell of ink and paper. Still do.

My favorites list is too numerous to print and too expansive to try and explain. I react to a book the same way I react to people: I connect quickly and deeply. And I insist on spending a lot of time with that which is precious.

My book=my friend.

Can I imagine my life without my reading time? Not at all. So when Allison--she who is actively involved in all the important issues--contacted me to see if I would like to join her in a campaign to encourage others to read, I dove right in.

The campaign is this:

January 10, 2008 has been designated as the DAY TO READ.
On that day we join the collective challenge to spend some time with our noses stuck in it. A book that is. If you are a blogger, join us by stepping away from the keyboard for all or part of the day and spend that time reading something you enjoy.

Next, report to us and others what you've read. You can do this in a dedicated post or a comment at Allison's blog--Soccer Mom in Denial--after the DAY TO READ has passed.

If you are so inclined, please post the DAY TO READ button at your blog. Pass it on! The button, the news about the day, the challenge to others to read, read, read, read, read!

Not a blogger? Then you know just what I expect from you. Leave me a comment here with the results of your DAY TO READ experience.

That's it. No challenge could be easier to meet. Please join us. We can make DAY TO READ a Happily Ever After kind of event.

DAY TO READ campaign


  1. Oh, what a great idea!

    Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Julia stayed over in her Grandma's room one night. I went straight to bed, opened a book and didn't stop until I hit the last page. I haven't done that in...well, years! Since before Julia came along. It felt so good!

  2. That is a great idea. Personally I can't fall asleep at night unless I read for 30 minutes or more. Jan. 10 is a fantastic day by the way; it's my 32nd birthday.

  3. What a grand idea! My reading has plummeted with the addition of two "things." One is my children. I'd love to be the reader I was P.K. (pre-kids). The other? The dreaded blogosphere!

  4. I'll be participating in promoting this tomorrow as well - looking forward to reading about everyone's reading!

  5. So I hope the NaBloPoMo goddess doesn't strike me down but I "pre-dated" the post for tomorrow. It was KILLING me that your link back to me didn't go to Day to Read.

    Thank you for introducing the day, for sharing a reading story, and for raising awareness about the importance of reading.

    You rock.

  6. Have you seen the results of this study?

    I've always been an avid reader as well. Thanks for blogging about this-- I'll be happy to put the banner up on my site too.

  7. I'll try and participate, because I am the kind of person who's books get ripped out of my hands... My mum always had to yank me away from anything written (including cerealboxes, ads, telephonebooks) to keep me in this world... Whether I will participate is still doubtful, as I have a very busy schoollife nowadays... I do however support Day to Read!

  8. yeah, I am going to join the book campaign too and you gave me a post idea.

    ...if only I find the time to blog in the coming days...pff days of project deadline/cut-over stress/work ahead!

    If you want to find more inspirationt to blog more about books in the coming weeks, I'll gladly remind you that you have ignored the fact that both FA and me have tagged you for a book meme in the beginning of October. ;)

  9. Alex and Leslie and Patois - join us!

    Lovely post, Jenn

  10. That is an excellent idea! I may have to have a family one in the evening.

    Now I know I can get hte kids to read but hubby? mmm...

  11. Ah the ole "secret reader" eh? I could never have pulled it off, as once I'm reading I'm "in" the story and I would have completely spaced off the class, teacher's voice, surroundings, and at some point I'd have been caught for sure LOL.

    More power to you!

  12. A fantastic idea - I will definitely be joining in!