Monday, November 12

Double Shot

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Today is another first for me.

Allison the great, the lovely, the wonderful woman I share the photoblog site Looking Into with, as well as the author of the incredible insights at Soccer Mom in Denial, has been working up a rhythm of late as she writes about the music in her life. She calls it Music Monday and she dedicates some time each week to sharing some grand bits of personal music memorabilia with her readers. Now, she's created a button and she is sharing the fun. I can't help but want to play.

So I am jumping in for the first time today. That's the first first.

The second first I want to share with you is posted just below. I tripped across this video completely by accident last week and I giggled until I snorted. You may know her right away by name but I did not. For me the recognition was delayed until she opened her mouth and sang.

Yes, I can name that girl in ONE NOTE.

Her name is Kristen Chenoweth and my first acquaintance with her voice was my CD recording of WICKED, the Broadway musical. She played Glinda the Good Witch for the initial run on the Great White Way. In my opinion, she is one of the premier talents of the realm. I love her. Really, I do. I have found myself in a dedicated internet search for more video clips just to watch her genius--and her cuteness. You see, not only is she brilliantly talented, she is also freakin' adorable. I freely admit I have a mild deep crush on her.

Really, it's all about the music.

I am going to stop talking typing now, so we can get on with the show.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you KRISTEN CHENOWETH!


  1. I love her too! Have never seen her on Broadway sadly. But she is definitely a big Broadway star. I'm doing Music Monday too - alas my story isn't as inspiring.

  2. Hi

    Just a note to say that I stopped by after a while.

    You have really been a busy blogger.

    Nice going

  3. I love her too, great song. Though I have to admit I'm a bigger fan of Idina Menzel (Elphaba in Wicked, Maureen in Rent and married to Taye Diggs).

  4. Oh, jerseygirl, ME TOO! My feelings about Idina run way past the crush stage. Even past a deep crush. I LOVE HER. COMPLETELY.
    What a voice!

    mrs c-
    Thanks for coming around. I appreciate hearing from you.

    Alas, I have never seen her onstage either. I do dream about that though, maybe you'd like to go with me sometime? Shall we do London or New York??

  5. "Oh Taylor, the latte boy..."

    Of course you are partial to this song for many many reasons.

    Such fun! Thanks for the smiles (you busy blogger you!).

  6. smid-
    "I love him, I love him, I love him..."
    Of course I am partial to this song for every reason!
    Thanks for letting me share in the music fun!

  7. Ok, I'll admit it, I don't get out much. Never heard of this sweet gal with the BIG voice. Thanks so much for the intro--I listened to several of the items on the "menu" and what fun!! I'll have to go to YouTube and see what else I can find on her.


  8. and I loved this! I love Kristen Chenoweth and share a love of her with my Swedish daughter, M., so I'll have to send her the link.

    Thanks, also, Jenn for being so supportive of The Writing Game today!

    And again, I hope you'll join next time!

    And yup... just read your and Jersey's comments and M and I love Idina even more. But I thought that she and Kristin were a perfect match in Wicked (at least through the CD).

  9. How Fun!! Where do you get the time to find such stuff?! Here I am searching the net for Sumeria (DD1's project) and Columbus (DD2's project) and OCD, etc. (On-going crisis) and.... well it is a very boring and not fun list. (sigh)

    Thanks for the joy you bring to my life as I don't seem to be getting it anywhere else these days...

    BTW, I have tagged you today. I know that memes can be a pain, but you are welcome to use it as an excuse if you run out of inspiration in the NaBlowGoNoPoMoShow you have gotten yourself into (as if YOU would ever need inspiration!)

  10. I'm sad to say I'd never heard of her until today. Loved the song! Adorable.