Sunday, November 11

Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

"Jennifer, I will marry you."

That's exactly what he said. We were sitting on the front lawn of my 12-college-roommates-in-a-house-we-collectively-rented-and-shared under the large willow tree and that's what he said.

Just. Like. That.

But you have to know, I hardly knew this guy. Thus it is safe to make the assumption that he really didn't know me.

We had never kissed.

We had never held hands.

We actually had never even been on a date.

I'll be honest here and say it straight out. I didn't even like him. And? And I had a boyfriend.

Yet, here he was--this twitterpated boy--on my front lawn proposing. Or not proposing actually, but dictating. And declaring his love....

Tune in next time for more in the soapy story I have always wanted to share. Yeah, there will be more to say about this. I promise.


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  1. Oh, you wicked WICKED little tease! :-D I'm so excited for this story. Such a short intro, and yet already so deliciously soapy!

  2. Ah, you know me Brillig. Wicked through and through...

  3. You can't end it THERE! ACK!

    OK I guess I've done that to you before . . . taste of my own medicine I suppose!

    Great SOS and thanks for hosting!!

  4. Perfectly tantalizing... I'll be back for more!

  5. Oh, what a tease! Can't wait for me. Happy Hosting This SOS!

  6. I meant to write "Can't wait for more."

    Instead I wrote, "Can't wait for me."

    That's got to be some kind of Freudian slip. Or maybe I'm just really bad at putting my thoughts into words that make sense.

    Or I'm a bad typer.

    Or I shouldn't type and talk at the same time.

  7. More! More! More!

    What a great teaser.

  8. Wow. You said so much in so few words. Now I'm all intrigued...

  9. Well gal, you got the cliff-hanger part of SOS down pat!! Great that you are hosting SOS. I even included a picture in my SOS in your honor!!

  10. kate-
    So nice to have you here. You know, I just had to tempt you and hope for your return read.
    Only because I am wicked, as Brillig says.

    Excellent. It should be fun.

    I can't wait for you either. Nor am I a good typer. NoT at Al.

  11. rebecca, jersey girl and andi-
    Welcome! More to come. I hope it doesn't disappoint!

    Can't wait to see AND read. :)

  12. I hate to say it but this week I am not playing. I just didn't have time to compose my story. I'll try and work on it and post it when I can. If not, I'll save it for next week.

    You all rock, Sudsy Girls! I'll be reading and commenting as time allows. Living she soap opera right now, since my husband's home for a week!! ;)

  13. I'm not sure if that's creepy or romantic. Hmmmmmmm

  14. fc-
    Creepy. Trust me. It was totally creepy.

    please let us know when you do post so I can come and read. And good luck with the personal soap opera this week! hehe.

  15. Now that's what you call a strong hook. You've got us all dangling...

  16. That would certainly make me go Hmmmmm.... hmmmmm.... I got an unexpected proposal once, but at least we were dating!

  17. Ah, Jen, you will definitely have to write about that sometime. I would love to commiserate!

    And earlier I forgot to say WELCOME NELL! So, welcome. I am glad to have you here.

    Thanks. It's a good story to pull out of the memory archives. I think it's going to be fun to share the whole sordid mess...

  18. This was my first Soap Opera Sunday and I have definitely been having fun reading everyone's entries. Great story! I can't wait to see how it ends.

  19. I love the cliffhanger, and the 'proposal' :D Maybe it runs in the family? I mean forsight... It wasn't a proposal, or an order, it was a premonotion! :D

  20. Oh, I love it! That is so soap opera'ish. I'll tune in next time, that's for sure!

  21. Of No!!! I need more!!!!

    (of course, I toally just did this on my blog, so I guess I deserve this.)

    Thank you for hosting! Always nice to visit your site.. even when I don't have time to comment (sorry.

  22. Now ain't this fun?! Lookie at all the comments you got and I't early Monday still!! You better be ready early next week or I'm gonna hafta call you for the full scoop!!

  23. You? YOU!?! Stooped to the serial? Oh my. Making sure folks cone back, as if you needed the assurance...

    But then I'm DYING to know what happened? And who was this guy?