Friday, November 16

Get Your Kicks

From a conversation at school between me and a young student, age 9.

"Miss Jenn, are you from America?"

"As a matter of fact I am."

"I knew it!"

"Did ya now?"

"Yes. You sound just like an American and you look just like an American. I just knew it."

"I look like an American? Hmmm... I am not really sure how to take that, but okay."

"I really love your American accent."

"Ah, that's nice."

"I really like the way Americans talk. I like Americans so much. I like everything about America."

"You do, huh? That's really awesome to hear you say. Tell me buddy, what is it about America that you like so much?"

"Oh, that's easy. Route 66!"


  1. LOL What a cute post!! You know you can always spot an American by their shoes. When travelling through Europe - especially in the airports you can spot us a mile away. I suppose if you've lived in Europe long enough though you might change your shoe choice.

    LOL and Route 66 was a cute answer - guess he's seen Cars a few times?

  2. When I was in Holland many, many years ago, someone told me you could tell an American from their jeans. Only Americans wore Levis because they were the only ones who could afford them!

    Nice story to hear, especially given the way the US is conveyed so negatively in the media.

  3. It could have been worse, the student could have said "George Bush."

  4. well legendary places will always remain legendary places because they are legendary, I suppose?

    about the comment from mom not mom: to all Americans reading this: indeed, please, stop wearing white sport shoes while travelling. Combined with the white socks and the jeans, it is rarely flattering ;)

  5. Americans will stop wearing white socks and sport shoes when Europeans stop wearing black socks and brown sandals!

  6. Bwahahahaha Jami! Well said. And to be clear I do not even OWN a pair of white sport shoes. It's all European foot fashion for me...

  7. haha Jami, is that the European stereotype? I didn't even know that. I'll keep an eye out here to check :p. I am not really at risk myself as I don't combine socks with sandals ever. It's too much fun to wiggle those toes in the free air :)

  8. "Let's go to St. Louie
    Down to Missouri
    Oklahoma City looks so so pretty..."

    Of course it is the Depeche Mode version that is going through my head.

    I always wished I didn't look so American when traveling. And not from my shoes thank you very much.

  9. Route 66?

    That is a strange response.

  10. It has to be a Cars reference, huh?

    What a cutie.