Thursday, November 8

Uncertain What to Say

A note to my blogger pals:

Three words. Six syllables.


Yes, friends. You with your stories of love, drama, disaster, and romance. The place to share the epic tales is in this very venue. Created by Brillig and recently co-launched globally with the lovely lady Kate over at Walking Kateastrophe, SOS is a can't miss Sunday experience.

And this week I get to host the goodness.

I just know you can dig into the recesses of your memory and come up with something delicious to write and share with the world. Certainly, you know you want to, and now you know I want you to, so really, how can you resist?

The rules are established and posted here. When your juicy tidbits are entered and ready to post, come back to my place to leave your link.

Come on baby, light my fire.


I told you before that recently I got this really nice award from Allison over at Soccer Mom in Denial, right?

Next I got this cool award from Bonnie Jacobs who writes Words From a Wordsmith.

Now I have another to add to my stash. I am deeply appreciative to Jen in MI from A2eatwrite for sharing with me another beautiful button.

Look here-->

I am truly blown away that the queen of niceness
would consider me. Jen is not only a loyal reader and commenter here at this blog (even when I have nothing to say), she is also a daily visitor and commenter at the photoblog I share with Allison. There just aren't words enough to express how very, very nice it is to have her support and to read her insightful words. Thank you Jen. Thank you very much.

I want to share this one by passing it along to these three blogpals of mine.

1. Leslie of My Mommy's Place. She's nice, she's hilarious, and she is a remarkable human being.

2. Patois of
Whee! All the Way Home. A loyal commenter who always has a sweet or funny something to say here.

3. Gunfighter of The View From Here. Who is a seriously nice guy.

Now then, a note for all of you, my readers and my friends. Do something nice for me will you? Release your email address with your commenter identities. What I mean to say, is that for many of you who come by here and take the time to say such nice things to me, I have no way to respond to you. Your comment comes to my inbox marked "no reply". And you must believe me when I tell you that I really, really, really want to reply. With the new status quo in my life--a full time job on top of that kid-raising thing that I do--I don't have as much time on my hands to blog around and comment like I used t'could. However, I do so like to comment on what you have commented upon. Yes, I love to discuss, and the best way for me to engage you is for you to offer me your email so we can exchange ideas and messages and well, yes, so I can pester and annoy you with my notes.

Will you do it, huh? Will you please? (Instructions on how to process my request and enable your email are here)

Look at that, I had something to say after all.


  1. Hahaha, I'm just being difficult. Sorry. It's just my nature.

    I'm so excited that you're hosting Soap Opera Sunday this week! WOOOHOOOO-dee-HOOOO!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. My life is a soap opera right now, but no one wants to hear about it any more.

    Even I'm tired of it!

    Oh, and I usually visit the photo blog daily; I just don't always comment. Sorry!

  4. Why thank you kindly. I do believe my email does show up, yes? (Oh, how will you tell me, "no?" You'll have to work it, baby. Wanna take back the award now?)

    Okay, I'll try the SOS. I'll check it out now. The only glitch this week is I get to go see Kelly Clarkson Saturday night with my 9-year-old daughter. We might be partying backstage too late to make something for your Sunday, but I'll try!

  5. SMID reminded me of an SOS that's embarassing but not exceedingly humiliating. Or at least something I can recover from.

    and I think I did that link thing - followed the directions but who knows

  6. Not sure if it's applicable to me, but my e-mail is added. My, your award scetion just keeps getting bigger! :D Congrats!

  7. I'm sorry, but I recycle my SOS stuff into comedy bits.


  8. No people!! Don't do it! Don't give Jenn your email address. We need to help her back away from this compulsive need to reply, engage and generally be incredibly NICE to every, single person who visits her site.

    Every. Single. Person.

    So please, for Jenn's sanity, for her FAMILY'S sanity, don't tempt our beloved Jenn.

    You got my email right?

  9. And no SOS from me this week. I want to play fair and read them all but I will










    I'm a bit excited about this. So we're hoping on a plane for the long weekend.

  10. You sure deserve those buttons! And thanks for the kind words. And I think you made great choices for passing them on!

    And I'm planning to be doing SOS this Sunday, but not sure... it's a crazy time on this end.

  11. Oh, Jenn. Thank you! Thank you! You're so very sweet.

    It's easy to be nice to people who are nice - people like you!

    Thanks. I will wear that badge with pride!

  12. What a nice thing to say, Jen.

    Thank you!