Friday, November 28

Bonne, Bonne, Bonne!

The countdown is on.
Seven more sleeps till the Sint
and his bag of gifts!

Shoes by the fireplace
have been filled nightly for days~
The best night still waits!

A knock on the door,
a mysterious brown sack
delivered to us.

Peer inside to find
gifts for everybody.
Dank u Sinterklaas!

On the 6th he'll leave
back to Spain on his steamboat
Oh, we'll miss you Sint!

Haiku Friday


  1. I just love how little people count the days by how many sleeps are left.

    Happy happy!

  2. So much fun to learn of different cultures and customs. My children and now my grandchildren count down days by how many times they have to sleep. That seems to be universal. :)

  3. Luckily the Belgians have to sleep 8 more times before they find their gifts at their shoe...Good planning for Sinterklaas: house visits in The Netherlands on the 5th and that night he visits the sleeping Belgian children :D

  4. I love traveling around the world through blogging and Haiku is a delightful medium to do it. :)

  5. What a lovely Haiku ... sharing your holiday tradition. Love how you count in 'sleeps' ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  6. Great series. What a wonderful tradition to join in on.