Monday, November 10

Fresh From the Fight

I hate moths. I really do.

I understand it is neither rational nor reasonable to be afraid of them, but I am.

Also, at this writing, I am cowering in a corner of the couch having built a veritable fortress from the cushions to hide behind. I have been here ever since I saw the first moth fly in through the open door and beeline (mothline?) to the table lamp at my side.

Now, there may be total of a gajillion of them weaving and bobbing at the light.

Ian is now on a rescue mission and has thus far has saved me from four-- no, five... wait, make that EIGHT of the nasty creatures by scooping them up gently in his hands and carrying them outside to fly free. Leaving it to me to be able to come out of my hidey-hole and continue reading my book.

Ian is my hero.

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  1. hurray for Ian!!

    how come you have that many moths inside all of a sudden? what an invasion?
    No moths in Leuven ;)

  2. (this was written it Italy, where it is warmer and the moths are a-plenty!)

  3. We were battling moths earlier in the fall. One son was particularly freaked out by them. We needed Ian here to be our hero!

  4. And I took the liberty of posting a link at Music Monday....

  5. Moths freak me out too! It's great Ian got them safely outdoors.

  6. We have so many moths... the kids think they are pets :)!!

  7. I can't stand things flying by my face and head. Ick.

  8. I thought that said, "I hate months!"


    This video is one of my favorites. I've been known to send it out far and wide for all to see. I'm glad to know there are others doing the same! :)

  9. Who is that guy in the video? OMG, I like that song but I LOVE THAT GUY!!!!

    We don't have, we have yellow jackets (wasps)...we had about 6,0000 of them nestled in the wall over my front THAT is something to be truly terrified of! Glad Ian was there to save you!

  10. Oh jeez. I was reading the latest post above this one and when I went to comment, I saw the beginning statement here. I thought it said, "I hate moms."

    What the hell is wrong with me? hee hee

  11. Okay - so I used to hate moths too - but then I read Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver. Now I see moths a bit differently. Honestly, I really don't mind them so much now!

    Try it!

  12. Lucky you. I am left to fight the moth battle on my own. Dave's the one cowering in the corner and Julia just wants to catch one to make it her friend and love it forever.