Tuesday, November 18

Something to Tell You

I have a confession to make. But I feel safe saying it here because I know all y'all can keep a secret... so it's all good. So, here it is without fanfare or any pomp and circumstance. The truth:

I love Star Trek.

When I was a little girl I watched the original series in rerun on the television. And when I was a bigger girl I married a trekkie (Did I just "out" my husband?) who was also a big fan of the original show. For a time we dabbled in the Next Generation business, but in the end, both find ourselves classic fans. Tried and true.

I have a thing for George Takei, anyway.

So, this morning, over coffee, Don was flipping through some movie trailers of the upcoming attractions and we stumbled across this one. And I nearly peed my pants with excitement.

Honestly, who could say no to a young James Tiberius Kirk?

I can't wait for May.

Now, your turn to 'fess up here. Are you a fan? What is your closet obsession confession? (You know you have one!)

Tell all.


  1. Sweet! I'm not a trekkie although I've seen all the movies at one time of my life or another. I am, however a BIG fan of Star Wars. Again, not an insane fan, but I definitely know more than the average person about star Wars, plus I've read the first 3 novels and a few companion novels.
    Oh, and mythical creatures and vampires...I think that's my true closet obsession.

  2. No trekkie, but I do have to admit that I was really obsessed with every thing that had only the slightest resemblance to Lord of the Rings. Books before movies of coarse... ;)

    Right now I'm not really obsessed, but certainly addicted to the 'lost in Austen' miniseries. Sheer brilliance!

  3. I can't stand Star Trek or Star Wars or Battleship Galaxic or any other star/galaxy thing.

    but I've followed "Neighbours" for years and now I've already been following "Thuis" for years and I do dare to watch an episode of "the bold and the beautiful" now and then (that's sufficient to keep up to date anyway :p) or any other silly soap. Yep I'm easily hooked on soaps.

  4. Nope, not a trekkie. Watched a lot of Brady Bunch reruns as a kid but not enough to become a Bunchie (or whatever those fans are called).

    Can you keep a secret? I'm a really big fan of these bands Yaz and Erasure. No one knows about that....

  5. I am also a fan of the Star Trek the original series. I recently bought the remastered episodes off iTunes to watch.

    I also like Star Trek The Next Generation.

    I enjoyed the first 3 Star Wars movies oh so long ago in a theater far far away. I thought the last 3 were utter dreck. Actually, I only watched the first two of the last 3. I was actually pissed off that I paid money and wasted my time on Episode 1. At the end of Episode 2, I didn't care about any of the characters. "Kill them all off and be done with it", I thought.

    But that's just my opinion.

  6. I watched the originals when they were first on TV! (Yes, I'm that old!) And I've watched every show since and seen every movie! Am I a Trekkie? Ya think?

  7. Definitely a Trekkie (or Trekker) here!! Loved all the series, read the books and have seen all the movies. Hopefully the new movie will be great. Deep Space 9 was probably my favorite series. Unfortunately DS9 never really got its due since it was never the only Star Trek series on air during its run. It overlapped with both The Next Generation and Voyager.

    Guilty secret - When I left for the Peace Corps one of the few books I took with me was Quotable Star Trek. Whenever I read a quote it would transport me back to the episode. It allowed me to indulge in my Star Trek habit without needing a tv. I also admit that I did attend one small convention but did not dress up. :D

  8. Okay - so really only a Captain Picard, "make it so", kinda girl. I tried with the next round - but wasn't a fan even though I loved the show Quantum Leap (where did that show go???) and I beleive it was the same actor.

  9. Okay... so this was an adult obsession, but I was a MASSIVE Alias fan.

    Website-reading, card-carrying, wouldn't go out if it was on kind of fan.

    I DID like the original Star Trek, but I wasn't manic.

  10. Sorry, alas, I am not a fan. But I shall not ridicule you. Well, except for the fact that you lust for Takei.

  11. Oh yes! I am a big fan. I loved the Original series, I loved teh Next Generation (once it got into its stride) I loved DS9 too. I was less keen on Voyager and Enterprise though. I can't wait to see Sylar as Spock and Simon Peggg as Scotty in the new film.

  12. Trekkie! My mom's fault, she is a huge Trekkie. I took her to see Star Trek 4 in the theater years ago and my normally very proper mother slouched and put her feet up on the chair on front of us. And if that wasn't enough when the girls in front of us started giggling and looking at the boys several rows behind us her foot "accidentally" slipped and hit the loudest of the girls right in the back of the head. Mom just smiled sweetly and apologized. The girls moved.

  13. I am a genetic trekkie, I inherited it from my dad. In fact, when I was in the 8th grade our school trip to the East coast included the Air and space museum, which had the Star Trek exhibit. It was ticketed, free, but you had to have a ticket. They were all gone when we got there. So I schmoozed a guard to let me sneak in. I'm such a geek.

  14. Let me count them....ANYTHING having to do with space...Star Trek, Star Wars, any star-related movie--2001 Space Odyssey (straight mind you!), The Right Stuff (I can watch that movie everyday for a year)....I actually openly wept when I went to visit Cape Canaveral/Cape Kennedy in FLorida....I would sell my soul to travel into space.

  15. OMG I will put you and everyone else in this country to shame with my Star Trek geekiness.