Monday, November 17

Long Story Short

SMID's Music Monday

Music Monday hosted by Soccer Mom in Denial

This one goes out to Brillig, because I know
she will appreciate this story.

Midway through our holiday in Italy (did I mention that I went to Italy?) I stood in the bathroom assessing my way-too-long-bangs which were hanging into my eyes. Knowing all the time that if I were home I would snatch the hair scissors from out of the locker and begin trimming my hair, I sighed aloud, then ruffled my hair thinking maybe I could just endure staring out underneath the locks for a few more days. That's when I spotted it. My VENUS!
Yes, the razor I use for my legs. Hey! It cuts hair of a sort. I thought. Surely I could use it to cut HAIR, right?

I pulled the razor out of its case and gathered the front shock of hair on my head and began shaving the end bits to make them shorter. Gratifyingly, strands of hair began to fall into the sink. I paused, ruffled again, and assessed the result.


Pretty damn good actually.

Then, I wondered, what if.... well...can a girl cut a full head of hair with her leg razor?

Answer: Absolutely.

I can, anyway.

For the next half hour or so I stood at the sink, letting the locks fall forward in great bunches of floaty protein strands, and cut my hair. With my venus.

End result?

Something between Pinky Tuscadero and Farah's feathered back hairstyle. But I love it.

Yeah, I love my hair.


  1. It should be forbidden to post a story about adventurous crazy hair cutting without a picture of the end result!

    Poooh, not fair

  2. Oh I am with Goofball on THIS one!! And I am floored, just floored at how you made this a Music Monday - sheer (ha ha) brilliance!

    PS - is this when I admit I have actually never seen Hair - either on stage or film? Will you revoke my fag hag-ness?

  3. That's great! I'd never have the nerve to do that!

  4. I love your hair, too, but I'd love it more if I could see a picture of the new 'do! Seriously ... we need a picture.

  5. Yeah, I need to see why you love it! ;)

  6. uh - picture???? bravery must be celebrated!

  7. OMG---Hair was like my all time favorite show like forever! I had the albums, MOM took me to see it live and we sat in the
    2nd row and I COULD SEE EVERY HAIR ON THEIR NAKED BODIES...teehee!!!!!

    OK, I stopped breathing heavy with the memories..I must join the chorus...a PICTURE PLEASE!

  8. You should post a picture. Really.

    I have decided that I will just stick with Frazz Hair

    My hair is under a Winter hat January and February, under a hat or helmet liner and helmet, March and April. In May and June, it is just a helmet. Then in July and August, the sun hat come out and cycling cap under my helmet. September and October are cycling cap and helmet months. November and December are like January and February with a helmet liner and helmet thrown in.

    So, Frazz hair for me all year long.

  9. Ugh... can't deal with the movie version of Hair.

    Love your story, though!

    Love the musical, but the movie just seems... wrong.