Friday, November 7

Ups and Downs

Trying to diet
No! "Adopt a lifestyle change"
I miss oreos.

Haiku Friday


  1. Hahahaha, super cute haiku, and I can relate. Very much. Since March I've been not dieting because I truly am not a diet person, but recently I've kind of fallen off a little. As long as I keep getting back on track and am reasonable an oreo or three sometimes is OK. But how to be reasonable around such joy as Oreos... Sigh. Good luck!

  2. They have Oreos in Nederlands?
    Oh and check out, it's a good site to help you be more mindful of what you eat and it doesn't feel like they allow for stuff like oreos in their suggested meal plans. I started using it September first and I'm down almost 10 kilos.

  3. Oh diets, I'm attempting to start South Beach here soon, its the only one I've had any luck with! But good luck and allow yourself an indulgence every now and again!

  4. you know what has hardly any kcalories????



    how's that for a life style change :p

  5. At 159 -
    Sadly not there any more.
    10 pounds came from where?

  6. I'm at the (im)perfect confluence of diet trouble. The end of the biking season as we run out of daylight, warmth and clear roads is mixing dangerously with the yummy calorie season.

  7. Ummmm - why? You are perfect just the way you are.

    My downfall are Pringles.

  8. I'm adopting a lifestyle change, too. I kick-started it with a video blog post in which I revealed a full body shot of myself. And as I write that, I realize it sounds like I was naked when I did it. Something about the term "full body shot" seems to imply that in my mind. I'm not naked, though. I'm in clothes looking very, very, very fat. But! I won't be fat forever. I'm hoping to weigh a great deal less by BlogHer in July, because I'm going!