Thursday, November 20

Butterfly Kisses

She's thirteen.


Today, she is thirteen.

I am writing this post as the time rapidly approaches the midnight mark which launches us into today. Her birthday. The day she turns thirteen.

There will be celebrations. There will be presents. There will be cake. And for this mama there will always be the memories:

1. Of the day she launched herself, bald and blue, into the world so quickly that the midwife hardly had time to gown, glove and catch her.

2. Of the way she stayed bald until well into her third year, when there was finally enough fine blond fluff on the top of her head which could be gathered together into a ponytail.

3. Of the time when as a preschooler she would gladly declare "I'm a little bit of trouble, but A LOT of fun!"

4. Of the moment she cracked her forehead against the cedar chest creating a deep, wide gash just above her eye. When I caught up with her and her daddy at the emergency room she told me "Just put a band-aid on it. I want to go home". She got 2 dozen stitches instead.

5. Of the kindergarten days, when at her ultimate insistence, she attended school dressed in a full body cheetah print unitard, and black go-go boots.

6. Of the in-home shows conceived, rehearsed and performed in our living room with friends.

7. Of the precious way she breathily sang Arial's soliloquy in praise of the human world: "But who cares? No big deal. I want mooooooore!"

8. Of the tanned-skin, bleach-blonde Arizona summer girl who may not have owned clothes other than a swimming suit.

9. Of the first discovery that there may indeed be faeries living in her garden and the notes exchanged with the inhabitants of that magical world for years to follow.

10. Of the way she looked in the spotlight on stage, skirt spinning, arms reaching, face full of the love of the dance.

11. Of the giant, generous heart she possesses and the way she feels things so deeply.

12. Of the sharp wit and wisdom that seeps through her words, even when the 'tude is totally teenager.

13. Of simply the way I love her. Deeply, fiercely, powerfully, and foreverly.

She's thirteen today. And I am so glad she's mine.

Thursday Thirteen


  1. My precious firstborn is turning 13 in three months, and I await this day with fear, apprehension, and anticipation. I'm eagerly awaiting what will become of this girl child of mine.

  2. What a beautiful tribute!

    I have always liked the fact that the Dutch congratulate the family members on their loved ones' birthdays! Because really, this is a milestone for you as well!

    Gefeliciteerd met je dochter!!! :-)

  3. Oh, this is so beautiful! Your daughter is so lucky to have a mother who loves her so much! And you are lucky to have such a special daughter! "Just put a band aid on it, I want to go home." What a kid! And one who faeries allow to talk to them too. I'm so envious!

  4. What a sweet tribute. I don't know what I'll feel when my daughter turns 13 too (she's 5 now).

  5. Heel veel felicitaties voor Emma en voor de rest van de familie!

  6. That's a very nice list. Welcome to TT!

  7. Ooooooooooooooooooo!

    Happy Birthday Emma.

    Happy giving birth day to you Mama.

  8. Beautiful, Jenn. You're so blessed to have such wonderful memories of your daughter. Happy birthday to you both.

  9. Beautiful tribute--and what a great way to take advantage of Thursday 13. :)

  10. Wow! What a fantastic tribute to your daughter! I can't even imagine my 2yo there yet!

  11. Happy Brithday Emma - wow, too fast! But enjoy every minute!!!!

  12. give her a at mitzvah, oh wait, you are not jewish.

    Happy B-day!

  13. I can't believe your little girl is 13! Yikes, that means I'm definitely not 13 anymore. I hope you girls had a great night celebrating! :)

  14. This is SO beautiful! But I would expect nothing less from you for her! I'm sorry I'm late Em, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    (and I didn't know that she and my oldest are separated by just 9 days! My oldest will be 13 on the 29th!)

  15. My oldest is 16 and I can't figure where the time has gone.