Monday, January 21

Just When You Least Expect It

SMID's Music Monday

In the early afternoon on Sunday, Don and I made our weekly excursion to the neighborhood grocery store. The Albert Heijn to be exact, which incidentally has, as you can see, the initials A and H. Pronounce those letters in Dutch and you have Ah and Hah. Run them together (C'mon say it with me now) and you have Ah-Hah!

That's what we call it around here, and I am thinking that the directors of this major grocery chain here in Holland should contact me to become part of the advertising team. Just think of the potential with a catch phrase like Ah-hah! Seriously, you could have a heyday with Ah-hah! I can just see it now.

These are the things I think about.

Somebody stop me.

So. Don and I went to the Ah-Hah, shopped for it, paid for it, loaded it up, slung it over our backs and schlepped it home. As we stepped into the garden Don made a comment along the lines that it might be time to pull the dead and decaying plants from the planter box. (insinuating perhaps that I embrace the notion that winter is actually here and the flowers just ain't gonna bloom no more) I concured. (and accepted the whole projected message as correct) Before I stepped in the front door with my grocery bags, I began to systematically pull the begonia plants out by the roots. No sooner did I start than I made an astounding discovery. The tulip and narcis bulbs which have lain dormant beneath the dirt for these many months have decided that now seems like a good time to send up shoots. Little sprouts of bright green peeking up from the surface of the soil beginning to look for the sunshine. Seems early by a long shot this year, but I have to admit to the surge of absolute joy at seeing the sight. Bright, determined, hopeful signs of the next season are already peeking through the dark days of winter.

My heart is singing just a little.

It sounds just like this:

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  1. Oh my gosh, Jenn - you have no idea what this song means to me! I'll have to blog about that some time when I feel like depressing everyone, lol.

    I love that song, though. Just love it!

  2. what a good song to go with your discovery. I wish we were that close to spring. (((HUGS)))

  3. Hahaha,it's 6AM here, it's raining hard and I'm up...reading blogs. I was way too serious reading your post...slowly..enjoying every word...then, I played the video and woot! I love that song...and I'm chuckling bec I'm relating it to the plants...ok ok...I'm that easy to please...what can I do? ;)

  4. Lol. Too funny. Glad your spring bulbs are poking their heads through.

    And as I'm sure you were expecting, I was assuming that Ah-Ha, Take on Me or something of that sort was going to be your song this week.

  5. this is now my official gardening song! brilliant!

  6. Ooh! I was just at an Albert Heijn this weekend. We went to Amsterdam. I was so excited to see peanut butter! There is one jar in all of Belgium and it has to be about 5 years old.

  7. Ah tulips... I am dreaming of tip toeing through them about now.

  8. I was speaking to someone on the phone this morning, as I watched the snow falling outside my windowpane--and she said she couldn't wait until she could look out and see the robins in the yard. I told her I'd just be glad to have the temperatures above zero, and no more snow LOL. I thought she was rushing it abit for Iowa.

    I am a wee bit envious of your greenery discovery--but it brings hope that we are heading toward warmer times. And now the song has my juices flowing, so I better keep moving while I've got the beat!

  9. Aaaah-haaa, new flowers! I was not off that much last week when asking of those tulips were already outside. After all...this is no winter once again.

  10. I knew what is was before I even hit play. Great song choice!

  11. I love stories about the Albert Heijn! :) I hope the tulips come back in the spring. I really need to come and see them for myself sometime. Maybe next year... :)