Monday, January 14

Sorry, Jenn Can't Come to the Blog Right Now


a. Jenn is een beetje ziek.

b. Jenn is een beetje moe.

c. Jenn is een beetje gek.

d. Alles.

Ik kom zo terug.


a. Jenn isn't feeling well.

b. Jenn is a bit tired.

c. Jenn is slightly crazy.

d. All of the above.

Back soon.


  1. I kind of got this from your charming daughter yesterday over skype! I hope you feel much better SOON. And btw... yes! It arrived!!! I'll write you in a bit.

    FEEL BETTER. ;-)

  2. :D D? Al het bovenstaande? Or is that too simple? Maybe it's a trick question. In any case, see ya soon.

  3. D. ?? All of the above, and ... Can I join you Peassss and carrots?

  4. "Ik kom zo terug."

    I hope so. I miss you when you are tired, not feeling great, and maybe a bit crazy ... as I am. Be well, dear heart.

  5. Sorry you're tired, sorry you're not feeling well, thrilled that you're slightly (?) crazy.


  6. brill-
    Yeah, slightly is possibly a gross understatement.

    Thanks, you are so sweet. I think a good nights sleep and it shall be well with me!

  7. 'Jenn is een beetje ziek.'

    Why does that sound so much cooler? Hope you feel better.

  8. I am going to guess "d". Hang in there!


  9. Hope you feel better you crazy, tired, lady.... (((HUGS)))

  10. For you, all of the above. For me, I'm going with slightly crazy. :)

  11. feel better, refreshed, sane(r) soon!

  12. Woohoo! I understood all the options except C and the last sentence...without cheating!

    Feel better soon!

  13. D. But heavy on the C.

    Be better soon. Except that C. part - leave that alone cuz if you're at all like me (and unfortunately I think you are) that's one of your good things. Weirdness rules!

    We'll miss you but will manage to muddle through until you get back. Hugs every day til then!

  14. I'm grateful for the language lesson--but not at the content since it means you're probably "d" Alles.

    I hope by today you're left with "c" Jenn is een beetje gek. As that's the Jenn we all know and love and want to see more of!

    When God finds a way for me to come for a visit, I'll hopefully be ready with a few words to speak--and then the only thing I'll need to know how to say is: Where's the bathroom?, as I'm sure at my age that will come up, often LOL

  15. C applies always anyway, right? So that's no excuse not to blog.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  16. I prefer C, but I'm guessing it's D. I'm late to the party - as usual, but I hope you're all better now. And if you aren't, I hope my belated well wishes make the difference.