Saturday, January 12

The Reason I Read


my own game
Day to Read book report below!
Hiding out with me today:

Singular Saturday is for everyone and anyone who wants to play! The procedure is simple: Post your word, Link to me (use the graphic if you like--email me for the code), comment here that you've played and I will link you back.
Come on along.


  1. Escape/ Travel/ Journey...they all mean the same to me when I read...nice word!

    I'm up with my Singular Saturday!

  2. I'm playing too! I always want to play with you.

    I'm just floored at the number of folks who participated in Day to Read. Thanks for talking about your love of reading.

  3. Hey. I linked back to you through the button. Do you want me to put up a separate link for those who don't figure it out? lol

  4. I'm in. Reading really is an escape.

  5. I'm playing today too--I probably should have put a "lead in" similar to you--"The Reason I Read"--it's a good way to look at my word too, today.

  6. Oh, me, too! Me, too! It's the finest kind of escape.

  7. will do. :) after a nap...

    amazing how a whole day can be summed up in one word! I'm up.

  8. Escape... ah... the best word for my favorite activity!

  9. anno-
    me too, baby, me too!

    with a word like that, I think you deserve a nap today!

    fo sho.

    great minds thinking alike and all that?

    totally. now if only I could find my reading glasses. My eyes and arms are getting tired today without them. Have you seen them by chance???

    perfectly linked. perfectly played.

    I like how obvious it is that so many of us are still thinking about the campaign! Well done, you.

    thanks! and welcome to you, as always.

  10. I LOVE reading too! In fact do you ever think you have seen "the movie" when in fact you have only read the book? I love that phenomena!!

  11. I'm in: linked back on the reading day. 'Always enjoy your posted thoughts.

  12. Ah yes, escape. escaping into a book is one of my favorite things to do on a really rotten day. Or, come to think about it, on a really good day. ;)

  13. are you playing Music Monday? let me know - SMID is out of commission so I'm trying to do the link thing for her

  14. Well, I want to play but it's Monday and after reading a couple of your posts and others who linked back to you, I'm thinking it's too late. I think I missed out. I didn't read anything. Hmmm. I guess I better come back again and get involved at the right time!

  15. Escape indeed! That's exactly how I felt about Day to Read. I sorta extended the day, and couldn't resume normal life until I finished my books. ("There are leftovers in the garbage" may or may not have been shouted when my kids complained of hunger...)

  16. Looks like a fun game. I'll be back! (Would you email the code to me?)

  17. Escape. Me, too.

    Or it's to quiet the paranoid voices telling me I'm not normal. Which is to say, I read a lot of "guides" and "self-help" stuff.